All Women Are Queens By Birth

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To make lives better for themselves, for their families, and the community, women have created, designed, and innovated the world in every walk of their life. Hence, quoting women holding up half the sky is perfect. It is not a man but a woman who builds an equality bridge to connect others on the same level. All women are queens who strive and fight for themselves, their families, and loved ones.

To create an equitable future, women are disadvantaged to a greater extent. A strong woman realized that and did not take that to heart, instead keep her focus on her ulterior motive. All women are queens, and they are not lesser than any other being in the world. Hence, keep your head up and shrug off all the negative talks. You all beautiful women are this world’s future, and you have a lot to do.

  • What Every Woman Needs to Know?

    The world tells us that being a woman in this patriarchal society is a curse. Nevertheless, it is a blessing in disguise. Get addicted to being a better version of yourself with each passing day, and you will be the happiest woman. Below is the list of things that every woman needs to know to have a better life.

    All Women Are Born Queens

    Every woman needs to know that they are beautiful just the way they are. A mere compliment can give them satisfaction for a few seconds only. What matters is your inner satisfaction. Be content with who you are and know that you are born queen.

    Get Rid of Negativity

    Having negative thoughts is natural. Nevertheless, how you deal with them is what makes you stand out. Identify the negativity in your life and try to tackle it. If you cannot tackle that, leave it behind. If one cannot replace any negativity with positivity, she must banish it from her brain to have a happy life.

    Ask for Help

    Asking for assistance never demonstrates weakness. Contrarily, one needs much courage to ask for help. You are strong and courageous, hence never be ashamed of asking for help from anybody.

    Learn to Say No

    You are a human being, not a robot. You surely can do everything, but in the long term, it will affect your health. Saying no and sticking to it requires a lot more courage than asking for help. Hence, learn to say no without any guilt.

    Admit When You Are Wrong

    Arrogance leads to negativity which ultimately leads to disrupt life. Hence, be a humble and down-to-earth person. Cause women are born to be respectable and worthy of remembering queen. There is no dishonor in apologizing or excusing whenever you are wrong in a graceful manner.

    Have Me-Time

    Surrounded by all the obligations and responsibilities women hardly get time for themselves and end up being a robot living a life for others rather than being a queen. Being selfless is appreciated, but you must have space for everything in your life. In a busy schedule, take some time to pamper yourself and do what you love to do. This will elevate your mood and improve your vision to see life from a positive perspective.

    Find Happiness in Solitude

    No other person can make you happy if you are not happy with yourself. Hence, it is essential to find peace in solitude. Explore yourself, work on yourself, and do not rely on others for your happiness. Treat yourselves to tasty foods and great gifts. You are worth it.

    Surround Yourself with Positive People

    Gossip is stupid and shallow. If you have persons who talk behind other people’s back, then love you can never grow. These shallow-minded people will never benefit you. Women with great vision do more extraordinary things. Socialize with innovative minds, people from whom you can learn things that will benefit you in the long run.

    Learn to Let Go

    Regret is real. We all regret at some point in our decisions made in the past. Learn to let your past go. Please do not hold on to things forever, but learn from them. Do not let your past be your dictator. You have a beautiful life ahead.

    You Are Stronger

    Today few channels of media are portraying women as weak victims. All the sad and victimized songs are not meant for queens. Women are stronger than you can ever imagine. You are stronger than men. Hence, keep your head up. Do not step back, and do not let anybody dictate you.

  • Women Empowerment and its Importance
  • Respect Is Right of Women 

    In this male-dominated society, a woman’s life is undoubtedly more challenging but being a woman is a matter of respect and dignity. There is nothing more fascinating than a woman who knows her significance. When a woman realizes her worth, she does not settle for less. She can vividly differentiate between right and wrong in her surroundings. Queens know that respect must the topmost priority for women.

    That is quite heartbreaking that a women’s journey at any stage can be extremely beautiful or disastrous, depending on the men around her. Despite being a solid and courageous creature of this planet, the patriarchal society has treated them like objects. As it is said, with great power comes significant responsibilities. Hence, there is this massive question on men’s existence. Are men in this male-dominated society fulfilling their responsibilities?

    All women are a queen and to respect women is not a rule. Respecting everyone irrespective of gender is a must. Therefore, my queens, do not let anybody tell you that women do not deserve respect. To preserve self-respect is the right of every woman. Even if you need to ask for it, ask for respect. Fight for respect. Cause it is your right.

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  • United Nations Stance for Women Respect

    Due to the high increase in violence rates, the World Health Organization (WHO) and UN women collaborated with other UN agencies to develop “RESPECT Women: Preventing violence against women.” This publication offers a summary framework on how to prevent and respond to violence against women to policymakers.

    There are seven inter-connected intervention strategies. Moreover, they have been derived from the word RESPECT.

    Relationships skills strengthened

    Empowerment of women

    Services ensured

    Poverty reduced

    Environments made safe

    Child and adolescent abuse prevented

    Transformed attitudes, beliefs, and norms.

    Actions and Choices Decide Women Destiny

    There is a famous quote by Tony Robbins for women, “It is in your moment of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

    It is relatively easy to say but difficult to comprehend as decisions are based on your mental state. We all know all women are occupied with multiple tasks at a single time. In this situation, mostly your thoughts pattern, rational state, and feelings are all assorted, and we often lead up to making the worst decision affecting women destiny.

    Have you ever wondered and thought about those women who are the best decision-makers? It is nothing special, but their lifestyle, their personality, and their mindset. Each one of you can and must be the best decision-maker of your life because the destiny of women depends on them. You women are queens, the future of this world, and you need to make perfect decisions without a glitch. Your actions and choices must be perfect.

    For the best decision-making, women need to learn the pyramid of shaping their destiny.


    The foundation which has built your life is the focus. Hence one must have a focused mind. You must devote most of your attention to your thought pattern.


    The thought pattern must be simple. The more organized your thoughts are, the more content you will be. One must have a peaceful mind to take the right action and make real choices.


    Your thoughts ultimately stimulate your feelings and emotions, which results in your state of mind.

    State of Mind

    Whatever thoughts you are processing results in your emotion which makes up your mental state. Therefore, one must be optimistic about making the best decisions.


    Your choices and your decisions are motivated by the state of your mind. You will make the best favorable decision only if you are in a neutral state of mind. Extreme emotions often result in regretful decisions.


    Lastly, women must know their decision makes up your destiny. It is the consequences of all your goals and dreams. Whatever decision you are making is shaping your tomorrow. Hence, women must think thousand times before making any decision as it will affect their destiny.

  • Women Empowerment and its Importance
  • Women Ideas Are Transforming Our World

    It is pretty surreal, but the truth is, changes are happening. Some fewer women run renowned and big companies, but those women have contributed to change the world. Their thoughts, passion, and desire have made them listed in the World’s Economic Forum (WEF).

    Below is the list of the top 3 women who have turned their dreams into reality. Their ideas are transforming our world into a better one.

    Muna Abu Sulayman

    She is the first Saudi UNDP Goodwill Ambassador. Along with that, she is the founder and co-host of the famous Arab channel Kalam Nawaem. She is famous for pushing back Arabs boundaries and discussing controversial topics like divorce, sexual harassment, homosexuality, and gender equality on the screen. She has used media to raise voices for women. She has also worked hard to educate and enlighten women on those topics and eradicate this issue from society.

    Krista Donaldson

    She is the CEO of D-Rev, which provides medical facilities to poor people who live below $4 per day. D-Rev, under her leadership, was successful in bringing an affordable treatment for prosthetic knee and jaundice among babies. Her achievements have been acknowledged by Fast Company and also WEF as a technology pioneer. She believes a better world in the future requires better equality of women and also diversity in every region.

    Terry Jester 

    The CEO of Silicor Material, Terry Jester, developed an innovative way of solar silicon manufacturing. This method of production costs half less than traditional methods. Besides, it is also environmentally friendly. Moreover, she managed the responsibilities of other solar operations as well in renowned companies. She was also one of the speakers of Energy Innovations with Technology Pioneers. 

    Role of Mass Media In Women Growth

    Mass media is playing a significant role in the growth of women. Where we see some channels promoting racism and patriarchal TV shows. There are then other channels to counter them. They elevate women’s character and contribute to their growth.

    Mass media has provided an enormous platform where women can openly express themselves. There have been many TV shows which were started with the help of SNS support. Besides, there are many series whose certain lines have become famous in favor of respect for women.

    The famous series Star War gained massive popularity because of its dialogue that favors women. The conversation between two characters of Star Wars episode 3, Revenge of the sith, demonstrates ultimate respect for women. In this scene, one person says if she breathes, she a thot. To which the other person replied, “all women are queens.” Back in 2017, the meme of all women are queens spread rapidly, gaining over 2k likes and 3k shares.

    Many English series have demonstrated women as a leading and active character involved in solving crime cases. The media have shown women better than men in handling multiple tasks and making their destiny.

    Besides, the South Korean dramas industry is famous for demonstrating women as strong ladies. You will rarely find any drama that depicts a weak woman character. Their media promote career-oriented women who bring positive change to the country and also the world.

    Women Are the Future

    With the increasing population, it is not possible to have a better world in the future without equality for women. Women’s contribution is the most reliable way to eradicate issues like climate change, poverty, and many other issues. To fulfill sustainable development goals in the future, women are required to participate and contribute their efforts.

    Many women who have played a vital role as the Prime Minister to run the country or as a leader to run a company have proved themselves in various ways just like a queen. As a simple housewife or career-oriented goal, women can demonstrate that they are no less than men.

    United Nation Education Scientific and Cultural Organization have also contributed to empowering women through ways of media channels. They have published a newspaper that aims to raise awareness on social and human science to accomplish gender equality. Moreover, they also intend to educate women and provide opportunities to them in the future. The UNESCO Youth community includes all the young women who would lead an initiative on society’s specific aspects. For instance, peacebuilding, education, science, culture, and communication.


    It is time to reject all sorts of inferior biased undignified status. From media to individual people, everyone is trying to build this place better for women. As all women are queens, and they deserve respect and equality in every field. Hence, keep your head high and brazenly reveal your ambitions and success. You women deserve it and you will achieve it in the future, you are a queen and you can change your destiny.

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