History is filled with inspirational women entrepreneurs, who have inspired billions; these inspirational women of today’s are gaining the limelight while accomplishing their visions. There is an endless list of inspiring and successful women entrepreneurs around the globe; who are the source of inspiration for young girls and other women. However, we have drafted a list of top 10 female ENTREPRENEURS. Who proved to be the inspiration for the whole world, including men, are discussed below:  

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    Kamala Harris is the first Women Vice President ever elected in history, and She is also black Asian American. Moreover, She is an inspiration for all the girls and an exemplary role model of being true to herself. In an interview with the Post of Washington, she emphasized that political slots do not need to be filled based on colour or background by politicians.

    “My point was: I am who I am. I’m good with it. You might need to figure it out, but I’m fine with it.”  

    In her acceptance address, she highlighted the efforts of women who fought for gender equality and addressed to women, black women specifically. She motivated them to never give up on their dreams because everything is possible; and talked about the struggle and sacrifices of women for independence,  equality, and justice. Moreover, her diligence towards protecting and securing women voting rights in, the past hundred years with the 19th amendment and the Voting Rights Act, 55 years ago. She vigorously talked about a black woman being overlooked, while they are the democratic backbone of this country. Their hard work has resulted in this new generation where woman votes and sustained the struggle to combat for their fundamental voting right. 

    Furthermore, She is an accurate role model for all the career aspirant women who are pushed back not because of only gender issues but because of cast and racism issues. 

    But while I may be the first woman in this office, I won’t be the last. And we will applaud you every step  of the way.” 


    Michelle Obama is among the leading influential figures. She is the wife of Barack Obama-forty-forth president of the US, a lawyer by profession, and a writer. By addressing herself as Mom-in-chief. She was the  First Lady of the United States, who was an African American. Through her four main initiatives, she has become a women’s role model. Also she is a supporter of military fellows and their families, education, and the International education of young girls. 

    Additionally, the first lady worked on subjects stretching from the child’s education to the military family’s prerequisites. 

    She continued her efforts to support young people by launching varieties of programs, which includes:

     “Let’s Move” whose goal was to deal with the issue of childhood obesity,

    “Joining Forces” that support  Americans in education, employment, and wellness,

    “Reach higher” whose motive was to motivate teens to have higher education, and

    “Let Girls Learn” whose purpose was to help girls getting an education.  


    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand has won the second term as well because of her outstanding efforts in handling the country during the coronavirus break. Being Prime Minister, she witnessed the country’s darkest days during March 2019; when there was a mass shooting in the city of Christchurch. But Jacinda Ardern stood beside Muslims during this grieving period and showed compassion to them.  

    Jacinda Ardern may be the leader of the nation, but she has proven to be the responsible mother after by bringing her child to the UN General Assembly Meeting in New York, 2018. 

    Jacinda Ardern became the world’s youngest leader and Prime Minister in 2017. By standing with her fellows, she took the criticism during progress, and proved to be the best leader and an inspiration to all the women. 


    Emma Watson was appointed as the Women Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations and was listed among 100, the most influential people by Times. Her rose to fame came by the character as “Hermione” in the famous film series, namely, Harry Potter, and since then growing a strong brand around fashion, humanity,  charity, and feminism.

    Additionally, Emma Watson worked for women’s rights and promoted education for young’s girls. She is a role model for all the girls who want to dream higher and achieve bigger. Thus, She is living an exemplary life of being true to herself and stand for yourself.  


    Sharmeen Obaid makes to our top 10 inspirational women entrepreneurs, because she is the only Pakistani woman to receive two Oscars for her documentaries. She is also the receipt of six Emmy Awards and was also honoured by Halal-i-Imtiaz by Pakistan Government. 

    She is a filmmaker, Pakistani Activist, and Journalist. Her work highlights the problems faced by women in everyday lives. In her short film, “A Girl in the River-The Price of Forgiveness” she highlighted honour killings issues. Her work even prompted former PM Nawaz Sharif to amend the honour killing laws.  


    Ayesha Farooq is the first female pilot who has been part of the team which is eradicating Waziristan from  Taliban clinches. She is a conqueror who is risking her life for Pakistan’s protection and security. She is breaking all the stereotypes while preserving her culture. 

    The military attire and hijab, Ayesha puts on with self-confidence and comfort, despite working in such a  testosterone-fueled profession, exhibits her strong-willed character. In 2013, she was the only Pakistani  Female Pilot Fighter. She has set up an exceptional example for the girls to pursue their visions and pace in it. 


    Asma Jahangir, the Supreme Court Bar Association president, was the first-ever woman in history to become its president. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), co-founded by her, in 1987, along with the Women’s Action Forum. HRCP actively worked in highlighting the violations of Human  Rights by Pakistan Military and Intelligence Services.  Because of her huge contributions for women’s, she exists in our list of top 10 inspirational women entrepreneurs

    Her famous lines are, “I think it sounds very hollow if I keep talking about the rights of Kashmiris, but do not talk  about the rights of a woman in Lahore who is battered to death.” 

    Asma Jahangir was a Pakistani Human Rights Lawyer and a social activist who fought for minorities, labourers, and rights of women. She stands for women, their rights, and freedom while keeping in check the violations of those rights as well.


    The Woman Deliver-a global organization of women’s rights nominated Farahnaz Zahidi among 15 most powerful female journalists. Moreover, she has become an admirable symbol of Pakistani Female Journalists.  She is the only Pakistani woman who has paved her way to that list. 

    Farahnaz Zahidi has been working and highlighting issues regarding women’s freedom and health. Her revolutionary struggle and hard work have inspired her readers to work for the betterment of society, especially for women.


    Muniba Mazari is the Pakistan Activist and the lady that yields a tremendous amount of positive energy.  Whereas, Her bright smile and positive vibe insipid her wheelchair into insignificance. In a society where disabled people are considered a curse, Muniba rose herself as a Phoenix amongst the ashes to become the dignity’s face.  

    After facing the accident which changed her life to 360 degrees, instead of sitting and dwelling in the darkness, she polished her artistic skills and became an accomplished artist of Pakistan. She is also a strong advocate of children’s right and support to all the people. 


    Judy Gibbons is ranked among the top 20 inspirational women entrepreneurs in European businesswomen. She had enjoyed the senior position at Apple, HP, and Microsoft. At Microsoft, she was the Vice President of MSN. Her business extends to more than 35 countries in the United States, Japan, and other countries. Then, She has been an incredible force to the young generation. For Judy, there is no either/or for her; it is all about the  possibility of the “and.” 

    Furthermore, She sets up an excellent example for teens to accomplish their goals through dedication, passion, and hard work. You can be who you want to be; all you need is the thrust of knowledge and nerve to take all the opportunities life throws in your way.  

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    In conclusion, these are the only ten women who are discussed here as an inspiration and role model. But in actuality,  there are 100s of women who are great examples and sources of encouragement. A woman is not just a  mother, wife, sister, or daughter, but she is a blessed being who can bear tremendous pressure and remain composed and elegant. The testimony of which is the above list of women. 

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