How Many Camels Am I Worth?

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If you are a frequent internet user, you must be aware of the bizarre trend that took hype in October 2020. This quiz took over the whole TikTok, where you can find out how many camels you or your partner are worth. How can you find out how many camels am I worth? Is this application good? Or is it wrong? Let us discuss it.

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Importance of Camels

From ancient times, a symbol of wealth and power was nothing but camels. For ages, they have been an Emirati culture staple. They were the transport mode for the Middle East and Africa. The milk of camels prepares chocolates that we all love crazily. Moreover, they also provide wool for fabrics in clothing, tents, and also rugs.

Besides, Muslims use camels to pay Zakat. It is the annual charity that Muslims give every year. As they are halal, Muslims also widely used it as a food source.

Given all the perks that camels offer, it is pretty easy to apprehend their status.

Camels Rating System

Camels are widely used for monetary measurement, it is an acronym of 6 factors.

C-Capital adequacy


M-Management Capability




The United States develops Camels as a supervisory rating system for monetary measurement. Moreover, it rates financial institutions and assesses banks’ strengths on a scale of 1 to 5. Banks with lower numbers are considered high-quality institutions, while higher-rated banks indicate unsatisfactory performance and low-quality institutions.

Capital Adequacy

The CAMELS examiner assesses capital adequacy based on many factors for its rating system. First and foremost, they go through capital trend analysis, capital composition, and also capital liquidity. Moreover, on a minimum capital reserve amount, institutions’ compliance with regulations is also examined.

The record of the institution’s financial position also plays a significant role in assessment. Other factors included are the institution’s plans, loan and investment concentrations, and ability to control risk.

Asset Quality

The quality of a bank’s assets is examined in this category. It is crucial because asset value decreases rapidly if the bank is at high risk. Moreover, it also covers loans’ quality, as they reflect the banks are earning.

Other elements inspected here are investment policies and practices, investment risk factors, and credit risk. If the bank has a losing value of significant assets due to credit risk, it will receive low ratings.


This assessment of the CAMELS rating system concludes financial management’s ability to identify and react to financial stress. It depends on the strategy’s quality, performance, and internal control. Besides, it also asses their growth rate, the capital accumulation rate, and identification of risk.

Internal control includes the ability to track, identify and take measures on the potential risks. It further includes information systems, record keeping, and audit programs.


In this category, it evaluates the long-term viability. The examiner assesses the Net Interest Margin(NIM), Return on Assets (ROA), and earnings stability. The quality of existing assets, valuation allowances, and earnings growth are also crucial to look at.


Liquidity is essential for banks as lack of it will lead to a bank run. The examiner looks at the liquidity risk and interest rate risk. The risk of not meeting present or future needs of cash flow without affecting daily operations is the liquidity risk. Hence, availability of cash converted assets, ALM technical competence, and dependence on unstable financial resources are also examined


The last category measures banks’ sensitivity to the risk by monitoring the management of credit concentrations. It allows the examiner to see the effect of energy sector lending, agricultural lending, and medical lending. It also includes Exchange rates, Interest rates, and commodity prices.

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Why Are Camels Used for Monetary Measurement?

The CAMEL rating system is an essential tool that plays a vital role in identifying the bank’s financial strengths and weaknesses. The evaluating process of banks’ financial status helps regulators to assess their management. Based on the CAMELS test ratings, they direct banks to formulate strategies and policies for their financial performance improvement.

Many types of research were carried on the CAMELS rating system for monetary measurement. The result shows that the CAMELS ratings gather around the supervisory information during on-site exams. This information has been helpful for the public as well as supervisory monitoring of banks. Hence, the CAMELS system has played an indispensable role in bank financial growth.

How Can You Find Out How Many Camels Am I Worth?

Finding out how many camels you are worth is a piece of cake. All you need to do is input the required information in the camel calculator.

Firstly, to start the quiz, you need to the site, i.e., Camel calculator. On the website, you need to give them specific information. If you are finding about yourself, you can choose your gender. Otherwise, select your other half’s gender.

You need to put in the age, height, body/figure, and other physical features. After filling in all the details, click calculate.

The result will appear on your screen, showing how many camels you are worth.

Many TikTok users have shared their results, and the highest was reported to be 112. In comparison, the lowest score was 12 only.

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Is It Good or Is It Bad?

People realized that this trending quiz of the camel calculator got them more camels when they are altering their physical attributes. Some are getting below 50 camels reported to say that it is just an application, but it still makes us wonder about our physical features. This mere application was making people question their worth based on what they look like. How much would you rate this app knowing this fact on a scale of 1 to 10?

A lecturer at Northumbria University, Angelika Strogmayer, said these applications continue the concept of ideal body types and binary gender culture. The link between what you look like and what you are worth is truly xenophobic. Even though it is for fun, it shows how we still view women in a profound sense. Moreover, that is quite concerning if it affects young girls and other women.

Even though, back then and still now, camels are a symbol of high status, it is still an animal. Moreover, a comparison between a woman and an animal takes everybody back to the old dark days. Either a woman or a man, they both are human beings that are worthy of respect. Applications like how many camels am I worth? How many sheep or how many cows am I worth? Manifest disrespect to the most respectful creatures.

This game seems harmless, but in actual it perpetuates stereotypes and gender issues. It may be just for fun, but the negativity the mere camel calculator feeds is unusual.


To find out how many camels am I worth, the camel calculator was used so extensively that the website even crashed. This game might be good if taken for fun only, but the message it preaches is beyond acceptance. Sensitive people might even feel negative after getting low scores, and this application might add up their list of insecurities.


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