What is REZUM (An Approach to cure BPH)

rezum procedure

WHAT IS REZUM?  Rezum is a less-invasive transurethral water vapor therapy for benign prostatic enlargement, which uses thermal energy as induction for the treatment. The short-term results show it to have good outcomes with potential for outpatients-based treatment preserving sexual function. Most patients report relatively minor discomfort during the procedure. Rezum water vapor therapy can … Read more

Best Ways To Cure Skin With Natural Remedies

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Introduction Our skin suffers sunburn, acne, or premature skin aging every day and stumbles directly upon such skin-damaging factors. It is also hard to take care of your skin with the overwhelming climate change, unavoidable greasy foods, and whatnot. Extensive skincare routines require time, usage of chemical products that sometimes result in damaged skin. Also, … Read more