Why Women’s Leadership Is Important?


Why is women’s leadership important in our world? You have listened this question different places at many times. In this article we hope that you will find the answer of this question.

Globally, whether developing or first world countries, women are consistently treating as poor. Poor in not just materialist sense but also have powerless positions within society with little opportunities in decision making process. Women are even not in the position to take their own decisions and have no influence on political, economic, and social issues which affect their lives. Consequently, their situation remains powerless from generation to generation. This situation becomes even worse when these women belong to the lower middle class family, which already lack social power.

Thus, the issues like gender-inequality rises. Resultantly, invisibility of women in decision making process becomes a norm in all the fields like; education, employment, politics etc. Although, the significance of women participation and their leading roles at different fields has been realized globally. But the question is has it really brought any changes in reality for the detail view in this article? First, it shows what leadership really is. Further it identifies either gender effect women’s leadership or not and finally it explains the importance of women leadership and its role in different areas like religion, education and politics. 


Leadership is a word most commonly used, almost every day. Whenever we see any organization or a group completing their tasks successfully, successful leadership is there. It is not necessary that a person with a high rank is the leader, like in politics if a person becomes the Prime Minister of the country; does not mean he or she is the leader. A true leader is one who acts like a leader, who has a vision, who motivates his or her followers, who is not always in front of the screen, he or she works in a way that his or her followers also inspire and become the leader too. Apart from men, women’s leadership is equally important for a developed society.

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  • Does gender affect leadership?

    Both are equally important according to the need of society so both have to play their role. But here the issue is that both have unequal opportunities to play the role. Women have very less impact on society as the biggest issue is illiteracy. Most of the women does not get higher education or even basic primary education in some backward areas. Somehow some gets education but cannot work professionally or give service to their nation because of useless norms.

    Thirdly, if a very little in number get chance to work then again the external society is there to not provide them enough opportunities to work powerfully. In a way, women are less in number at such empowering positions. The whole nation has to bear the results when their half of the population is workless but use the resources. Thus, before identifying either gender effect women’s leadership or not, it is necessary to provide equal opportunities to women. Then we can decide that at what level gender effect leadership.

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  • Why is women’s leadership important in our world?

    No matter what the situations are but the significance of women leadership can never be ignored. Though, invisibility of women in decision making process will become a norm in all the fields like; education, employment, politics and other leading roles when equal opportunities will be ignored. Thus, when they are not being presented at the leading roles their interests are ignored. Even men may want the best for women but for this; they cannot be the women to understand their needs and interest which can only be understood by women themselves.

    Men as well as women are the part of society; if society ignore their rights it can be hurdle towards development. Further, gender cannot decide whether if someone has the leadership qualities or not, it depends on individual personality. There are man with zero % leading qualities and on other hand; there are women who are playing extraordinary role at leading positions. Although, study suggests that women has more power to lead as compared to men. But they are only here to lead the homes where they perform their job excellently by taking important decisions. But the leading position is still ruling by male dominated society.

    Thus they need to come in front at organizations and some well-known companies to play their roles. Their right is to recognized and appreciated and most importantly, it is for the overall benefit of the society. Now, there is time to empower our women in each and every field. Starting from your home by taking care of their health equally as men; giving them their basic right to education, open up opportunities for employment with equal salaries to man and so on. There are several fields where women can play their leading roles excellently.

    Women and religion:

    Most of the common view among people is that, “it is the religion that is restricting women from empowerment”. If this is the case then actually we have not understood the religion correctly. There is time to reconstruct our opinions about women empowerment in religion. The status of women is different in several religions but not devalued in any of the religion.

    According to the Christianity and Buddhism men and women have no differences at all, and both are equally treated. Though, Hinduism give more respect to their women especially when they play the role of mothers. They believe all the sins can be forgotten but disrespect to mother is the sin that can never be forgotten. And same goes with the Islam that had given equal rights to women as men without any differences. The holy scripture Quran has regarded both men and women equals for Almighty Allah. Moreover, 14 centuries before Islam has given equal basic rights for life, education, opinion and property to women as men.

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  • Women and education

    It is globally accepted that education is the most power full weapon for empowering any nation. Thus it is necessary both either men as well as women. But there are many obstacles for women education that could be poverty, violence, cultural norms, and attitudes and expectations; that women will take care of their families. But the only way to empower girls is to offer them their basic right to education. Which will not only change their conditions but it will affect globally.

    There are instant as well as long term benefits of educating women; health issues resist as they become aware of the issue related to their health and its solutions, economics grow of the state and overall world and societies improve overall. Thus, keeping in mind its importance right to women education has become the global priority and goal for decades. But it had come into more focus since 1990s. In 1994 International conference on population and development was held in Cairo, in 1995 Beijing held the Fourth World Conference on Women.

    These conferences presented these issues as central for the development and the Millennium Development Summit in 2000 considered the barriers to women education. Thus, the improvements in this field have been started since 1990s, free education, free books too many scholarships for higher education have been provided. As it is the only solution for bringing positive change globally for empowering women.

    Women and politics

    Ignoring women representation in politics means ignoring world’s half of the population from representing their needs, interests and not only this but also ignoring most efficient resource that can provide significant benefits to the nation and communities. Their positive influence can never be ignored as Kofi Annan said “study after study has taught us, there is no tool for development more effective than the women’s leadership.

    No other policy is as likely to raise economic productivity or to reduce child and maternal mortality; and improve nutrition and promote health, including the prevention of HIV/AIDS. No other policy is as powerful in increasing the chances of education for the next generation.” Additionally, Madeleine Albright declared that due to the underrepresentation of women in leading positions we are losing the most important resource and excluding women’s talent and their political skills. Men and women have to work in collaboration in order to bring gender equality, due to the reason women participation in leading roles in politics has become the priority to the policy makers. Thus, over the last decade women’s participation has increased globally in 2002 it 15% and in 2012 it became 19.8%. Even some countries have shown dramatic change by understanding the reality that women participation can never be ignored.


    In a nut shell, it shows that women leadership is the significant part of the society and it cannot be ignored at any cost. As ignoring this will equal to ignoring half of the population of the world. Accordingly, several theoretical work has been done in response that has increased the participation at some level but still its practicality is in scare and this strategic development is in process.