I’m Feeling Curious About You

i'm feeling curious

Many people have divergent curiosities; some want the reality behind their existence, others have a curiosity about their partners. Women in a relationship experience all mentioned dimensions with their Partner. Nevertheless, sometimes, the vast curiosity may lead to negativity in a relationship. One can end up having a toxic relationship with a lover. According to … Read more

Is Posture Corrector a Useful device?

Posture Corrector

Introduction A posture corrector is basically a small, soft plastic device that’s worn on your upper arm, designed specifically to apply gentle yet persistent pressure to the shoulder blades, forcing you to sit up straight and pull them forward. In addition to correcting your posture, many of these devices are also useful in preventing further … Read more

What Are the Only Two Fears Humans Are Born with?

Two Fears Humans Are Born with

Introduction There are For many years now, scientists are still searching the hidden facts about fear. It is a broad term about which researches are going endlessly. Until now, scientists have come up with a fantastic fact, i.e., human beings are born with only two fears. Amazing, right? You must be perplexed and wondering what … Read more

What Is Scintillating Scotoma?

Have you ever heard about scotomas? Or are you experiencing scintillating Scotoma? The topic is unique, and I hope you will go through the entire article to understand the topic thoroughly. What Does Scotoma Means? A scotoma is a localized area of partial visual disturbance in the visual field. Besides, Scotomas are the visual aura … Read more

What Is Memory? An Introduction to Human Memory

What Is Memory

Psychological Definition Of Memory According to Psychology, your (human) memory is a stage of past experiences to be utilized in the present and future. Further, It is an inclusive structural and functional process of collection, comprehension, interpretation, storage, and retrieval of detailed information.  What we recall? We can recall what happened in the past regarding … Read more

From Which Structure Do Oxygen Molecules Move From Lungs Into The Blood?

From Which Structure Do Oxygen Molecules Move From Lungs To The Blood?

Alveoli And Alveolar Membrane  American Lungs Association and research evidence concluded that there are 480 million alveoli in each of lungs, and alveoli are tiny air sacs with their outer covering membrane, surrounded by a dense network of blood capillaries. The structure of alveoli is composed of numerous cell types, but the two types of … Read more

What Is Calcium Score? | Tips To Reduce It | To Know About The Calcium Score Grades


Calcium score measures the amount of plaque deposited into the lumen of the cardiac vascular walls. At the same time, the total density and area of calcium deposit in the myocardium is termed a calcium score. The calcium score is also known as calcium heart score or coronary calcium score. Moreover, measuring the calcium score of your body is a … Read more

How to Nullify the effect of something-Violence Against Women

How to Nullify the effect of something

Introduction One of the major barriers towards developed society is Violence against women. Particularly, the issue is delaying social developments and progress. [1]  It is rooted with the discriminative behaviour of matriarchal society towards women. The baseless social norms and stereotypes are main obstacles towards women empowerment. And when women stand to break all stereotypes … Read more

What Is Tortuous Colon, Elongated Colon, Overlapping Colon, and Redundant Colon?

Tortuous Colon

Are you suffering from chronic belly aches that keep popping you constantly? It may also be a sign of tortuous colon, colonic volvulus, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The colon is our large intestine, consisting of ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, and also rectum. Therefore, ascending colon connects our large intestine to … Read more