Women Empowerment In Pakistan

Women Empowerment In Pakistan

Out of the current population of 225.5 million, approximately 51% of it are men, 48.76% are women, and 0.24 percent are transgender. From a statistical perspective, the difference between the ratio of men to women is not significant; however, when the subjectivities of what it means to be a woman in Pakistan are considered, disparities … Read more

The 50 Most Popular Women List 2022

50 Most Popular women

Presently, women are becoming independent and powerful worldwide. Similarly, in most countries, women are serving as heads of institutions and states. Education is one of the keys which is transforming women in society and making them independent and confident. Also, the market has become more engaged in providing equal opportunities for women. In the 21st century, … Read more

What Is Feminism and its Types?

what is feminism

We often heard the word Feminism in the news. Moreover, nowadays, we are familiar with this terminology because of the magic called social media. What Is Feminism? Feminism is a mindset that supports the advancement in social, political,  and economic equality for the genders. Wholly for women by enforcing certain types of active platforms that … Read more

You Couldn’t Live With Your Own Failure

You Couldn't Live With Your Own Failure

The quote “You couldn’t live with your own failure” is said by the famous Avenger character “Thanos” in the movie End Game, the dialogue got viral and received much attention from members. In this article, we will highlight why Thanos said those golden words and what the dialogue meant. Additionally, we will discuss the failure, … Read more

I’m Feeling Curious About You

i'm feeling curious

Many people have divergent curiosities; some want the reality behind their existence, others have a curiosity about their partners. Women in a relationship experience all mentioned dimensions with their Partner. Nevertheless, sometimes, the vast curiosity may lead to negativity in a relationship. One can end up having a toxic relationship with a lover. According to … Read more

How to Nullify the effect of something-Violence Against Women

How to Nullify the effect of something

Introduction One of the major barriers towards developed society is Violence against women. Particularly, the issue is delaying social developments and progress. [1]  It is rooted with the discriminative behaviour of matriarchal society towards women. The baseless social norms and stereotypes are main obstacles towards women empowerment. And when women stand to break all stereotypes … Read more

Impacts Of Feminism-A reflection towards today’s state of women’s Rights

Impact of Feminism

Introduction “EVERY TIME WE LIBERATE A WOMEN, WE LIBERATE A MEN.” Feminism as a topic is quite challenging but more emerging, passionate, powerful, and engaging. The majority of the people are familiar with the term male dominancy and Feminism, and thousands have researched their impact on each other and different aspects of human life. Nevertheless, … Read more

How Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

How Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

In the modern world of business, where everyone is always looking for the latest and greatest opportunities, video marketing can play a decisive role in getting your business noticed.  Many organizations use videos to attract potential clients’ attention and for marketing purposes. Several advantages come with video advertising, including that most consumers watch a video … Read more