I’m Feeling Curious About You

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Many people have divergent curiosities; some want the reality behind their existence, others have a curiosity about their partners. Women in a relationship experience all mentioned dimensions with their Partner. Nevertheless, sometimes, the vast curiosity may lead to negativity in a relationship. One can end up having a toxic relationship with a lover.

According to psychologists and scientists of George Mason University, there are a total of five different dimensions of curiosity that include joyous exploration, deprivation sensitivity, social curiosity, thrill-seeking, and stress tolerance. [1]

Our focus is to highlight the untold behavior of curiosity in relationships. Specifically, women find too many insecurities and curiosities in men when in a relationship. Mostly, girlfriends ask their men several questions because of the thirst to know the untold story. The article “I’m Feeling Curious About You” is based on the pros and cons of curiosity women and men have about their partners. The insecurities, uncertainties, and trust issues are always part of love relationships, but curiosity occurs when they are unique.

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  • What is Curiosity?

    I'm feeling curious

    Curiosity is to ask anything from others or to approach for the answers to unsure questions. Besides, the process of knowing something can lead one towards the reality of their life and existence.

    The author “Todd Kashdan” defined curiosity in his remarkable book “Curious” as “an engine of growth.” This means when there is curiosity, the vast chance of growth is there. Further, he mentioned that it is essential to be curious when you want to seek your life’s purpose. He added one must try all the paths and do experiments in order to find answers. [2]

    Curiosity is not the gaining of any information, but it intends to look for uncertainty answers. Sometimes, I’m feeling curious images arrive in my mind and push me to seek the unusual side of anything unrevealed.

    I’m Feeling Curious About You

    i'm feeling curious trick

    Remember the day when you first saw your lover; you might have had no feeling for him at first sight. Nevertheless, with time, you both started loving each other. Initially, the main requirement is trust-building to sustain a relationship. Similarly, trust owns enormous Importance in making relationships stronger. If someone fails to trust a partner, then the relationship’s life and worth will decrease automatically.

    Furthermore, women imply I’m feeling curious trick can face backlash from partners sometimes. It is not ok to ask questions all the time about your Partner’s ex. Trust does not mean to ask weird questions about his past or recent girlfriend. It can lead to dangerous results, as your partner may leave you for this reason. 

    In some cases, curious women start maintaining closeness with an intimate partner. A study proved that; curious people felt close during intimate and small talk conversations. [3] It can make one more romantic with innovative ideas. Moreover, curiosity does not always annoy your Partner; it can keep you close to the loved one.

    It is always the best way to discover your Partner, positive interest for a lover can build a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

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  • How Is Curiosity Good for Your Relationship?

    I’m feeling curious funny sometimes when I see people having relationships without understanding. It is obvious to own a relationship with pride, but more important is having complete affection and understanding for each other. If you keep space in between, then the curiosity remains high from both sides. It is, therefore mandatory, to address each other’s curiosities and build a beautiful trustable relationship. Otherwise, you will end up having a dull and compromising connection.

    Similarly, curiosity can sometimes create hurdles for your Partner, as he can get frustrated with you for keeping the behavior light. Not all men are the same; even when you want to explore someone because of your love, he can create a mess and not like curiosity.

    Whereas studies proved that curious people are not aggressive [4]. It refers to the person having a curious mind who always wants to keep love on priority.

    Above all, curiosity is the intention towards your loved one in order to explore him more. That is the more beautiful act, and most partners appreciate the effort.

    Best Ways To Show More Curiosity to your Partner

    After getting in love, I’m feeling curious to learn something new that can multiply my partner’s affection. If you also want to know the secret to make your Partner happy and show more curiosity. Read the following beneficial ways:

    i'm feeling curious images
    1. Try to maintain a positive Attitude with your Partner
    2. Give Importance to his thoughts and goals, also appreciate the good deeds.
    3. Accept and tolerate the diversity of your Partner.
    4. Do Not get frustrated in little things. Always celebrate the current moment and make the moment joyous.
    5. Make your Partner feel more comfortable with you.
    6. Be curious about their body language and try not to judge too quickly.


    There are many positive attributes of a curious person. It can transform you into a healthy decision-maker, fresh-minded thinker, seeker, and smart individual. Also, in a relationship, if your partner says I’m feeling curious, do not get worried. It is the sign that he genuinely loves you. Similarly, when you find yourself being extra curious all time, it means you are in love. Hence, curiosity is directly proportional to one’s mind’s brilliance, knowledge, and thinking capacity.

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