How to Nullify the effect of something-Violence Against Women


One of the major barriers towards developed society is Violence against women. Particularly, the issue is delaying social developments and progress. [1

It is rooted with the discriminative behaviour of matriarchal society towards women. The baseless social norms and stereotypes are main obstacles towards women empowerment. And when women stand to break all stereotypes and the useless norms, they have to somehow face violence. 

Similarly, violence can be physical, sexual or psychological which most women face everyday. However, less than 40 % of victims manage to seek assistance from some sources. Whereas only 10% takes legal help from the police. [2]

This refers to the fact that a woman usually does not step forward to prevent herself from the curse. Moreover, women need to take a stand and must know how to nullify the effect of something terrible. 

  • Domestic Violence And Its Types
  • Types Of Violence against Women

    There are five major types of violence against women, worldwide. They are:

    1. Domestic Violence

    It is one of the most common types of violence, which most women unfortunately face. It is defined as, home based physical, sexual or any type of abuse by a partner or any other person is called domestic violence. Domestic violence can provide ultimate harm to the victim, in some cases most women lost their lives due to this problem.

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    1. Economic Violence

    Firstly, not giving women their employment and education rights is a sort of domestic violence. The first step of women towards their economic empowerment is giving them employment opportunities and equality. Economic empowerment includes taking ownership of one’s financial resources such as; total control over salary, limiting employment opportunities, etc. [3]

    1. Physical Violence

    It involves any action which can hurt one physically for instance slapping, hitting, burning, murder, kicking, kidnapping, forceful actions and other. Physical violence is most horrifying violence, the victim must seek legal help otherwise one can lose their life.

    1. Sexual Violence

    Sexual violence includes any inappropriate operation which makes a women uncomfortable. It can be through raping or forceful sex without taking consent, other sexual harrasement and marital rapes. Therefore to nullify the effect of something horrific, women need to stop ignoring inappropriate behaviour of sexual abusers..

    1. Psychological Violence

    It refers to the terrifying and threatening behavior from someone, in order to keep herself frightened and self complex all time. Psychological violence can be implemented by spoiling one’s favorite objects like pets, property, etc, and keeping one in isolation.

  • Women Empowerment and its Importance
  • Effects Of Violence against Women

    Violence against women just not only hurt women, but it affects their children life too. The whole family system can get ruined by an act of violence. Furthermore, any type of abuse or violence can lead to severe mental health issues for victims. Whereas, physical violence can cause serious injuries, health issues, and other infectious diseases. Similarly, it is proved that:

    “ If a women experience economic abuse and psychological violence, she is more likely to end her life and go for suicide.” [4]

    Effects of Sexual violence against women at workplace, school, college or anywhere is an obstacle in women confidence growth. It is stopping them from taking part in social activities. Similarly, women who have been faced sexual abuse are more likely to quit their studies and professional life in order to keep their selves safe. 

    Unfortunately, the cruelty by man made society is continuously ruining women economic, educational and social life. This is why the effects of violence against women are terrifying when brutality is present in society. And we all need to nullify the effect. Thus, by choosing violence over love, women cannot survive so long, it can eventually take her life to death in search of peace.

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  • Preventive Measures Of Violence against Women

    To extract any breathtaking hurdle, one always required helpful solutions and implementations. The same goes with this global issue, violence against women. The topic is sensitive, that’s why very few women managed to discuss their side of the story. Besides, to tackle this problem completely, we all need to focus on preventive measures. 

    1. Stop taking any form of violence lightly. If you witnessed the crime or a victim is asking for help from you, it is our civic responsibility to help them out in the best way. Do Not ignore the crime, first seek legal help and try to investigate the root cause.
    2. If a woman faces physical violence, try to help her in buying medicines or taking her to the hospital. Also, we are all in this together, by assisting victims you can create a better society.
    3. To prevent brutality, society needs laws and regulations. But implementation of current laws is also an important thing to focus on. Sometimes, ignorance and the absence of an unbiased judiciary system can prevail against violence against women. Furthermore, the application of exemplary punishments for crimes like rape, sexual assaults, etc should be there.
    4. Education is the key to success, we are familiar with the slogan for so long. But unfortunately, our society is still not giving the basic educational right to women. This way we are facing inequality and discrimination gender-based worldwide. So, to create a peaceful and productive society, we need to educate women about their rights and laws.
    5. After going through cruelty and violence, some women cannot easily get into normal life. They are in trauma and need psychological and emotional assistance and therapy. Therefore, rather to ask them abnormal questions about their experience, we should understand their situation and give them a shoulder to cry on.


    The dilemma “Violence against women” is seemed to be an unending threat to today’s life. Still, women are strongly fighting against this pathetic issue. Whether it’s about basic human rights or about the mental pressures of society, women have to suffer negligence most of the time. Therefore, by taking progressive preventive steps one can nullify the effect of something terrifying; and saving up more crucial lives for a better future.

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