What is Crepe Paper Skin? Its Causes and Treatment

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What Is Crepe Skin?

A vulnerable thin skin (like paper) having wrinkles and loose texture is called “crepe skin.” It can occur on the under eyes, neck, upper arms, inner arms, hands, and other fragile parts of the skin and can worsen if left untreated.

Causes Of Crepe Skin

Crepe skin or paper skin is becoming one of the common skin problems facing by many peoples. It happens because of the following leading causes, they are: 

  1. Sun damage: Extensive exposure to UV rays is the leading cause of fragile skin. UV rays can affect the elastin and collagen in the skin that becomes the main reason to generate wrinkles and loose skin.
  2. Skin Dryness: The hydration of skin is as essential as the hydration of the body. We often forget to apply moisturizers on the skin that causes significant skin issues. Crepe skin cause when left untreated the dry skin.
  3. Aging: Mostly, people think that they face crepe skin due to aging. That’s correct because, with time, skin gets weeks and becomes loose.
  4. Unhealthy Diet: lack of a healthy diet and nutrition in one’s routine is also the reason.
  5. Weight Loss: The sudden weight loss leaves sagging skin which may be the reason for thin skin.
  6. Smoking: Act like smoking causes many severe internal and external body diseases. Moreover, it is harmful to the health of the skin too. 
  7. Environmental Pollution: Air and environmental pollution can damage the outer layer of skin. So, it is essential to take preventive steps when going out.
  8. Genetics
  9. Sleep Deprivation

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  • Prevention From Crepe Skin

    Firstly, it’s essential to protect skin from exposure to sun and UV rays to prevent crepe paper skin. Wearing sunscreen at outdoor places can help one in saving skin from damage. [1]

    Secondly, keep your skin hydrated and moisturised. According to your skin type, applying a good quality moisturiser can provide nourishment to the skin and protect from ultra dryness and skin-related issues. Moreover, ingredients like hyaluronic acid, essentials oils and natural herbs are best to give hydration and smoothens the skin.

    The other main thing for crepe skin care is to have a balanced healthy diet that contains nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins. Most vegetable and fruits contain antioxidant ingredients and Vitamin C that helps in making skin and the body healthy and produce collagen. Moreover, healthy nutrition can bring freshness to the skin and makes one look young for years.

    Treatment Of Crepe Skin

    The treatment of crepe skin depends on the condition of the problem; for instance, if someone is having severe skin issues, he should consult a professional dermatologist as soon as possible. Whereas the treatment of crepe paper skin that dermatologists offer are following:

    Dermatologist Suggested Treatment

    1. Topical Retinoid: Most dermatologists prescribe products that contain Retinoids, including Retin-A, antioxidants, and AHAs, to apply to the affected area for healing purposes. Additionally, some medicines help in healing the damage and repair the crepe skin effectively. 
    2. Radiofrequency and Ultrasound: This process is primarily used to tighten the skin, removing dark spots, acne scars, wrinkles, etc., through laser. The process is quite painful and takes a long time, up to two weeks, to recover crepe skin completely.
    3. Surgery: The treatment helps uplift the face, tighten vulnerable skin under the eyes, and neck lifts. Moreover, it is a frequent solution of crepe skin.
    4. Microdermabrasion: It is the removal of dead skin cells of creepy skin through rubbing with a sanding wheel or spray. Furthermore, this treatment brings out redness to the patient’s affected area for few weeks.
    5. Botox: It is used to vanish fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.
    6. Intense Pulsed Light-IPL: It is done through a laser device that treats wrinkles, fine lines, scars, rashes, dark spots, and broken capillaries. 
    7. Fillers: It brings volume and mass to the skin and repairs by filling the damaged skin areas.

    These all treatments are pretty sensitive and demand professional skills to operate. Hence, it is mandatory to consult the best dermatologist in your area to attain safe and beneficial services.

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  • How to Fix Crepe Skin with Home Remedies

    One can fix crepe skin by following numerous beneficial and effective home remedies. Those remedies can tighten the skin and increase the productivity of collagen that provides a permanent solution to the delicate skin. Moreover, if you want to prevent this issue, you should start following the remedies.

    1. Massage

    Regular massage of the body and face is the most straightforward remedy to fix crepe paper skin. Additionally, if you use essential oils like coconut or olive oil for massaging, it would show the best and satisfying results. Massage for 2 to 3 minutes with coconut oil and wash it off. 

    2. Physical Exercise

    Regular physical workout or exercise can solve multiple body health issues. Moreover, try to do four times exercise in week to prevent crepe skin. Whereas the daily walk for 45 minutes can help improve blood circulation and add a supplement to the skin.

    3. Kick out Stress

    Depression and stress are the leading cause of skin problems. Some people get pimples just because of taking too much stress on the little things. But, it’s essential to feel fresh and be happy to live a healthy life and create the skin game strong. Otherwise, all you get is wrinkle and fine lines everywhere. Include yourself in some of your favorite hobbies and kick the stress out of this beautiful life.

    4. Moisturize Skin Regularly

    Our skin needs nourishment and hydration right after every wash. Furthermore, consider the moisturizer containing peptides and apply it on vulnerable sin like the neck, face, etc. It is capable of improving the elasticity of the skin and enhancing collagen production in the skin. Hence, apply moisturizer right after every shower so that you can save you skin from premature aging.

    5. Exfoliation

    Exfoliate the face with a premium quality scrub that contains alpha-hydroxyl and glycolic acid. After that, gently apply a serum that has AHA or glycolic acid. Then, after few minutes, use the moisturizer having Vitamin E and go to bed. Thus, this night routine is the perfect addition to your daily routine for flawless skin. Moreover, one can try natural ingredients like paste of sugar and olive oil for a similar purpose.


    The premature aging and crepe paper skin is not a light issue. It gets worsen when left untreated. This is why it’s mandatory to consult a dermatologist for the treatment. Or trying these above helpful remedies can also prevent you from delicate skin.

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