How Do You Use Rosemary Oil For Acne?


Clear and glowing skin is what everyone desires. But due to pollution, unhealthy diet, hormonal issues, clogged pores, or excessive production of sebum, and other hundreds of reasons we can’t achieve that. There are so many skincare products in the market to treat different skin problems. But the most highlighted amongst them is acne-related problems. To treat acne-prone skin there are several products out there but rosemary oil is the most effective one. Not only for acne but it treats other skin problems as well. It is a refreshing astringent which balances and helps tone the skin.

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  • Rosemary oil properties

    Rosemary is a member of the mint family and a healing herb that provides stimulation, and refreshment to the skin. It has been used as food and medicine for centuries. It is used for cooking, health, beauty, and for cleaning purposes.

    Rosemary is rich in nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamins, and antioxidants. It is found in many skin care products such as face masks, cleansers, soaps, etc. Moreover, it is widely used for aromatherapy because of its refreshing and rejuvenates properties. If you are unable to find rosemary oil you can make one for yourself.

    You’ll just be going to need fresh rosemary, a jar, and some olive oil. Just fill the jar with fresh rosemary and then completely soak them in olive oil and place this in sunlight for about a month and after that, your own rosemary oil is ready to show wonders on your skin. Here’s a detailed look at how this essential oil does wonders to your skin.

    Best uses of rosemary oil

    Rosemary oil is extensively used in skincare products and especially for oily skin problems. If used topically gives good results. When rosemary oil is applied to the skin it hydrates the skin and helps decongest acne. It also has antimicrobial properties which are good for oily and acne skin as it helps in reducing future breakouts. It controls oil production and its antiseptic features are beneficial for eczema skin conditions. Being a powerful disinfectant it helps fight all the bacteria and dirt that accumulated inside our pores. Subside massaging this rosemary oil into the face helps lighten dark spots and blemishes resulting in an improved skin complexion.

    If you’ve puffiness or swelling on the face you can surely use rosemary oil because of its anti-inflammatory properties which calm the skin and help in healing the burns furthermore there are so many people out there who are conscious about their fine lines and wrinkles. For them, rosemary oil is a good option to opt as a skincare product because it strengthens the capillaries, tightens the loose saggy skin hence helps in slowing down the process of aging and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

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    Benefits of rosemary oil for skin

    Besides its advantages for oily skin, it is also great for people with dry, flaky skin. It alleviates and treats both dry skin and dry scalp because of its oily texture which helps in hydrating the skin and giving it back the texture it was in.

    Now the question is how we can use it and the recommendations for using it. It is best to do a patch test before using it to see if you are allergic to this or not, if you are not allergic to this then it’s good to use it with some carrier oil like jojoba oil or any other. Apply it on a clear crisply cleaned face without makeup. Then, apply it gently onto the face and massage it with fingers to let it absorb in the skin. Similarly, massaging helps the circulation of blood and also helps lighten the dark spots so massage is the key. After that, leave it for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off with tap water. You can use this daily for better results.


    Every skincare product has its own benefits and if you really want to make your skin look fresh and young, you can give rosemary oil a try to treat acne and many other problems.

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