10 Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Products

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Women always want to stay updated regarding fashion and styling, so we are not updated on new trends; in recent years, hairstyle trending taking U-turn towards hair blonde dye. Most women are crazy for red hair, and they try out blonde hair color. So strawberry blonde hair color will fulfill your wish of red hair or some red shade. Additionally, it is a blonde hair color that has turned itself into an astonishing trendy thing that even celebrities are trying. If you love to grow up yourself with recent fashion and trends, you must try these unique shades of strawberry blonde hair. Therefore, you can get this blonde hair in an inexpensive at home. But if doing it at home, you must know which product is eligible to use at home without harm.

So we have sorted out things here. Check out here that how we can do blonde hair dye at home. And also, if you are not aware of strawberry blonde hair color dye products and their brands. This article will help you know the strawberry blonde color and help you choose the best product available in the market.

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  • What is Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

    Strawberry blonde hair color is a mixture of 02 shading colors that is red and blonde color. Similarly, it looks classic, trendy, and stylish and can be ideal for all skin tones. Additionally, the honey color with red lusters looks beautiful on fair skin tone women. If you have a beige color skin tone, you should go for neutral strawberry blonde colors. Furthermore, for those girls who have a dark, intense complex, then a darker version of strawberry blonde will work well. Hence, strawberry blonde hair color gives you a shade of red or soft pink.

    Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye At Home

    Many females are puzzled about that we can get strawberry blonde hair dye at home or not? So here is the answer, yes you can get strawberry blonde hair at home. If you are doing this at home, then you to be careful with some things such as:-

    • After shade of strawberry blonde hair is a tint of red or pink on blonde hair, so that’s why you need to choose the right tone of red or pink dyes box to get hair dye at home.
    • If your hair color is darker than blonde, you have to lighten them with bleach to get a proper blonde hair color.
    • If your hair naturally has red color as auburn, then go for more golden shades of red and pink to add depth and warmth.

    Now I am representing you some tips which you can follow to enjoy this wonderful shade at home:-

    1. Wear old clothes and cover an old towel around your shoulder to prevent your cloth from getting messy.
    2. Comb your all hairs length properly.
    3. Use any greasy product on your hairline skin part to prevent staining on your face and also your ears.
    4. Wear gloves on hand.
    5. Identify your base color.
    6. Mix up all products and start applying the mixture.
    7. Dye your hair with one shade darker, as strawberry shade vanished quickly.
    8. Make sure to apply from roots to strands.
    9. Keep your color and wash out your hair.
    10.  Use Shampoo or conditioner on your hair for better results. Although better use conditioner.

    Therefore, the process does not end here. Post blond hair dye care is most important and needed. Choose the best shampoos and conditioners always for regular use to sustain the blonde hair color for a longer time. Also, never forget to use a serum before styling your hair to prevent damage. Hence, enjoy the natural glamour of strawberry blonde hair color.

    Pros and Cons of Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye


    Many females love to have their hair colored or blonde, so here are the pros of having blonde hair:-

    • Blonde hair has its embellishing look.
    • You got different compliments and will always be remembered for your stunning hair color.
    • It can be a conversation starter, like anyone randomly start talking about your hair color.
    • Also, it looks attractive and impressive, and remarkable.
    • Moreover, it adds luster to hair and makes them soft.


    Here are some of the cons of blonde hair:-

    • More amount of product is required to get immediate results.
    • Might not look perfect for darker hair.
    • It is time-consuming to blonde dye your hair
    • It might cause dryness of your hair.
    • Its mixture needs to be used promptly to avoid adverse effects.
    • Some products do not have gloves.
    • In addition, it may cause a stain on your skin if not done carefully.
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  • Top 10 Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

    1. Clairol Crème Golden Blonde Hair Dye

    strawberry blonde hair

    This blonde hair dye is for golden-red lavish to your hairs. It is one of the most popular best, and top-rated strawberry blond dyes on the list. Moreover, women who have honey-colored hair should go for this one because it will maintain warm tones.

    Additionally, it is a darker shade, but if you had never dyed your hair before, you would get the color on the box. This hair dye is auburn, so it has warm golden brown blended undertones with red. Also, if your hair color is light brown, and you want strawberry blonde hair, then this is a perfect choice.


    • It is natural-looking hair dye,
    • It is a Permanent, home dye
    • Contains a hybrid of 3 tones and highlights.
    • it is a hair dye with oil infusion
    • It will give soft, shiny results.
    • The result lasts for up to 28 weeks.
    • It is the UK’s widest shade choice.
    • It has 100% grey coverage.

    2. Surya Brasil Henna Powder Strawberry Blonde

    Henna powder of the Surya brand is super strong when it comes to dye. In addition, it not only covers roots but also practical to give much more shine. Similarly, it will provide you with unique natural red undertones.

    Just make a mixture and apply it and get a wonderful strawberry blonde color to your hair. Therefore, it is perfect for strawberry blonde hair touch up and contributes to hair’s health and shine.


    • It gives natural hair color look.
    • It has a good quantity.
    • Color is Brutality-free.

    3. dPHue Gloss Light Blonde

    When you love to have strawberry blonde hair dye, then this is a perfect choice. It is light blonde and has half permanent stay. Also, it will condition your hair along with giving the beautiful color of your choice.

    Moreover, it is one of the top-rated and best strawberry blonde hair colors for high pigmented color and smoothie exceptional finish.


    • It has no paraben, no sulfates.
    • A vegan formula.
    • It enhances color

    4. Rainbow Henna Strawberry Blonde

    light strawberry blonde hair

    It covers hair color with its organic color, gives conditioning, grey coverage, and enhances shine and texture. Moreover, it is made of dried powdered leaves of the henna plant, which can be used for coloring your hair naturally. It will surely give you a beautiful color and build up the strands.

    Thus, after wash expectedly, it will look like light strawberry blonde hair dye.


    • It has incredible stunning color
    • It nourishes your hair.
    • Provides prompt results.
    • It has long-lasting color.

    5. Radico Color Me Organic Blonde Hair Dye

    Women usually prefer organic hair dyes to prevent irritation and allergies. However, it will also protect your hair.

    Further, this Radico organic color gives you the most wanted strawberry blonde hair color and also keeps your tresses healthy at the same time.


    • It has no harmful effects.
    • Contains fewer chemical substances.
    • It has no bad smell.

    6. Hair Color For All Natural Strawberry Blonde

    dark strawberry blonde hair

    Strawberry blonde hair dye is the most beautiful, pretty looking, and nourishing for hair. It is from this popular brand discovery naturals. In addition, it may take time to color but will stay for a longer time.

    Also, it is free from irritation and scalp issues. This strawberry blonde hair dye will remain for almost 4-8weeks. By using this, you will surely enjoy a natural-looking redhead along with great shine on your hair.


    • Safe and easy to use with three steps: mix it, apply on hair, rinse, & enjoy blonde hair dye.
    • It is free from chemicals.
    • It is versatile for coloring.

    7. L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color

    dark strawberry blonde hair

    That is the best strawberry blonde hair color for those who love dark golden strawberry blonde hair dye. As the name shows, its shimmery nature, such as gold color, gives you an intense result. Moreover, this product comes with gloves, dye shade, conditioner, developer & serum. Just apply three steps, mix it, apply it for recommended 45 minutes, then wash it out. Hence, it would help if you had to use a conditioner after washing for good intense nourishing results.


    • It has versatile nature.
    • Easy to use.
    • Results stay for long.
    • Aromatic in nature

    8. Clairol Nice’n Hair Color Cool Blonde

    dark strawberry blonde hair

    It will give you a natural-looking color with a natural extra light blonde. Similarly, in one simple step, it will create three tones and highlights using the color blending technique. It will give you 100% of grays with essential highlights and lowlights for an excellent fantastic look. Therefore, it can last up to 8 weeks.


    • It gives you natural-looking blonde hair color.
    • Stays for a longer time.
    • It Gives you authentic look.

    9. Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Light Golden Brown

    dark strawberry blonde hair

    Product is a rich hair color dye of the most popular brand. It protects your hairs as well as nourishes your hair till eight weeks. Similarly, this strawberry blonde hair dye is auburn, so that it will give you warmer golden brown tones hybridized with red. And if your hair color is light brown naturally and you love strawberry blonde hair, then this is the best choice.

    Also, it has a oils enriched conditioner that will provide silkier, shinier hair.


    • Long-lasting
    • Provides you best hair care
    • Helps in nourishment
    • Provided with conditioner.
    • Prevent breakage and give strength to your hairs.
    • It will provide you with permanent hair dye with roots touchup.

    10. L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Golden Hair Dye

    dark strawberry blonde hair

    It is a strawberry blonde hair color dye of the most popular and top-rated brand on the list.

    In addition, it is a permanent hair dye with gorgeous looks.

    And also, it has an amazingly fantastic look with luminous red with incredible ash blonds.


    • Long-lasting.
    • Roots wrap up with gray hair highlights.


    In this article, I have told you about all the consequences ideas, how to use them and their pros and cons. And we also mentioned here that how to dye your strawberry blond hair at home, which reduces your expenses. Similarly, many women are puzzled about which shade and highlight will suit them? Which tone will work for you? what color will do their strawberry hair blonde color? Which color will suit their skin tone? So here is the answer to all questions and the details of the best top-rated and popular products available in the market. Make sure not to miss any of the info given in the article so that you can easily choose your desired strawberry blonde hair dye product. Therefore, this article is written to facilitate fashion lovers.

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