The Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2022

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Strawberry blonde hair is a light red shade and warm blond colors. Its shades range from light to medium to dark. These red blonde colors look best on fair-toned skin and watery eyes. And a perfect way to get this stunning hair color trend is by calling strawberry blonde with highlights, an ombre, or balayage.

And if you are puzzled between being a blonde or being redhead? Then strawberry blond hair is a perfect choice. These blonde hair colors are that much magnetic that once you get strawberry blonde hair color, you’ll want to get touch-ups every 6 to 8 weeks. And also, strawberry blonde hair is something that every girl wants to try in our hair color journey if they are fond of flashy high lights and others.

According to statistics, when performed the survey, to opinion on ideal hair color for women. According to data published by IPSOS in 2019, the final result that 43% of the best hair color for women is black-brown blonds is ideal.

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  • What is Strawberry Blonde Hair?

    Some peoples think that strawberry blond hair is some red-colored hair. But let me sort out this puzzle that strawberry blond hair is an embellishing shade that is not genuinely red but is also not blonde; it is like somewhere between red & blonde. It is versatile hair color and looks fantastic on different hair texture lengths, whether your hairs are curly or straight, long or short. This color mainly suits people with fair complexion. Still, anyone can use it because of its various ways to style and highlight it.

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    If the confusion comes in a way that suits blonde hair, here is an answer: for strawberry blond hair, peachy pink violet-blue, aqua green, and golden yellow are the top best choices.

    Top Best Hair Color Ideas

    Here is a list of ideas for strawberry blonde hair color

    Strawberry Hair with Blonde Highlights

    A warmer tone that will suit fair complex girls is a blond against pale skin tone. A light copper baby light against the blond color will give you many tonal effects that only work if you are already a blonde. So ask your stylist for an all-over color gloss to add a fantastic strawberry tone.

    Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair

    it is one of the coolest notable trends in strawberry blonde hairs in 2021. Additionally, it is much attractive and has flirty blonde hair. It would be best if you indeed tried this idea once to get glossy light rose blonde tips.

    Light Strawberry blonde

    It will give you a shade it will be feasible for any tonic skin and looks fantastic with curls or straight. It is a little like rose gold hair, but this light strawberry blond is more pastel pink than prickling red and features slices of blushed blonde with light copper edges.

    Soft Copper Strawberry Blonde

    If some fair-complexed women want a more intense color, a softened copper tone will make your strawberry blonde hair unforgettable. Make your hair styling with loose curls to make the little blonde highlight stand out.

    Strawberry Blonde Curly Hair

    You can achieve your best hairstyling and curly hair by using this strawberry blonde. It will give you reddish tones to your curly hairs.

    Sweet Strawberry Reddish-Blonde

    Sometimes most females want hot flavored hair and fiercely style; then you should go for reddish strawberry blonde hair color. The stunning waves of this blonde finish the look off beautifully.

    Strawberry Blond Bob with a Fringe

    A strawberry blonde hair with blue eyes looks just more than embellishing. If you have blue eyes and look forward to strawberry blonde hair, get a long bob haircut with bangs and let the blonde hair color do its magic.

    Layered Strawberry Blonde

    When you have gorgeous thick hair with deep curls, go for a layered haircut with strawberry blonde that will transform your look and give you a princess-like charm.

    Strawberry Blonde Balayage

    If you are the kind of girl that loves to have a natural wavy look, then a strawberry blonde balayage and a bob haircut will be embellishing look for you. And it would be best if you created some waves in your hair that give you a smoothy soft touch and a careless look.

    Bangs With Strawberry Blonde Hair

    Strawberry blonde hair with a bang is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants something different. And fringes are trending because they can work with various length color textures. It will help you have strawberry blonde hair bangs that will end with a fun new look.

    Strawberry Blonde Ponytail

    Suppose you are fond of long hair with a ponytail at your waist and want a strawberry blonde hair color at this length. So get a long faux ponytail in a strawberry blonde shade and dye your top with the same color; nobody will be able to notice the difference.

    Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair

    Those who want a dark, brighter deep color blonde will be a good choice for them, as they want to switch hair color from the lighter side of the color spectrum.

    Platinum and Strawberry Blonde

     This strawberry blonde is with platinum, a chic, pretty metallic color in itself, & it becomes chicer by adding strawberry blonde to it.

    Pink Strawberry Blonde Hair

    These rose shades of strawberry blonde will add a certain princess-like charm to your look. Similarly, if you want to change your hair coloring style in summer, this will be the best option.

    Short Strawberry Blonde Hair with Lowlights

    These are stylish strawberry blonde hairs with low lights. It gives you a styling that will get better with less effort. While growing, we should thank the dark roots for enhance forming an edgy touch over time.

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  • FAQs

    How Many Women are Fond of Strawberry Blonde Hair?

    About 5% of the world’s population has naturally strawberry blonde hair. It is rare and luckiest to get this color naturally. And a significant majority of women dye their hair with strawberry blond hair color, mainly higher % for this than for any other hair color. Therefore, as strawberry hair, the blond color looks sexy and attractive.

    Which Highlights Looks Good with Strawberry Blonde Hair?

    Here in this article, I have represented the highlights which are perfectly matched with strawberry blonde hairs, such as:

    1. Pink highlights:- brings a stunning look.
    2. Copper highlights:- works well.

    On Which Skin Tone Strawberry Blonde Hair Suits?

    The best skin tone for strawberry blonde hairs is fair to light neutral skin tone. Although warm red blonde to counter the cool tones in pale skin. Therefore, the best skin tone for strawberry blonde hair dye is a light, friendly skin complex.

    Which Color Type You Have for Strawberry Blonde Hair

    Women can achieve strawberry blonde hair in various kinds of natural hair colors. But it will be easiest to accomplish if you have blonde or light red hair and look better on light-haired women. On the other hand, brunettes and dark-haired girls can get the strawberry blonde color, but slowly gradually; you should have to be patient, though. Also, you have to bleach your hair. It will form the color gradually, but the results will be excellent.


    This article mentioned clear ideas about the best strawberry blonde hair colors according to your skin color, hair color, and hair types. It will surely help you to pick your choice of blonde hair color. You can also have a strawberry blonde hair color with different highlights that give you a trendy and embellishing look.

    According to statistics women have more fond of striking and dying hair or having blonde hair colors. So in 2020 survey was performed to check which are the best selling brands of hair color. So the result concluded was that, In 2020, Revlon hair coloring brand sold about 40 million units in the U.S. And loreal superior brand sold approx 17.8million units that year.

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