Best Dark and Lovely Honey Blonde Hair Dye

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Honey blonde hair dye is the color and a merge of scorching ash blonde and light brown with friendly gold-tone color streaming. The pair of brown-haired and light-toned, ash-blonde colored hair dye in dark and light tone according to the style and skin color. Eye colors also matter while dyeing that it will suit or not.

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    Without bleach

    This is because bleach sometimes acts dangerous to health, but to dye honey blonde color, it is not compulsory to use bleach. However, if your hair is already light enough, there is no need to use bleach; it can be done without bleach quickly. Similarly, you can color ash blonde permanently and temporarily; you can use high-colored blonde and regularly based on events or occasions.

    How to dye

    Two colors will be available with a developer. At first, merge the light golden blonde ½ x 9.3 with light blonde color ½ x 9, carefully mix them, and before applying on the hair, don’t forget to add developer, again mix properly then apply on your hair.

    Dye at home

    Most of the women do face problems due to the lockdown and can’t go to a salon. Still, they also want to bring some lifestyle change then there are no worries. In addition, you can easily color your hair to a honey blonde that will be more effective and more lenient on the hair and skull. At first, wet the hair and wash them with the shampoo which is suitable for your hair, and keep massaging until the shampoo reaches the roots of the hair and leave it for a while because it will help make your hair color lighten; it will work as a bleach. Then apply the procedure which you have mentioned right up there.

    Makes you younger

    If you’re aware of what color tone must be used for your skin, it will help you look younger because light colors make you younger. If you want to give your skin color a fresh and young-looking glimmer, add some warmth along with a golden climax. You can add different shades for different looks but always choose the right color according to your skin tone. Hence, honey blonde will go with medium and fair skin color.

    Color for light skin tone

    For fair skin tone, go with a light style. If you have a friendly undertone, you will show your desired looks, like caramel, nectar, or strawberry blonde.

    This is the fact, and there is no denying that it feels better to switch up your looks. And of course, going along with honey blonde dye which on demand all over the industry, but if you haven’t knowledge about the shades I honey blonde color then after reading you will be aware of everything like which shades are suitable for which skin tone and also how to do care after dyeing your hair.

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  • Shades of honey blonde hair color

    Truly honey blonde

    Suppose you have chosen a honey blonde color that means you desire a stylish change in your life. In that case, this standard light-colored shade has a mellow, golden tone that will give your appearance a modern and attractive look. Therefore, this blonde color goes with the light skin tone and medium skin tone as well.

    Nectar blonde highlights

    If you are thinking of applying this color to your hair, you must go for it; it will completely change your looks. It can be used with different highlights which gives different shades to your hair like,

    • Light brown hair will lighten your hair and will not create variation against your light brown hair color.
    • Copper hair will create a warm look of your hair
    • Dark brown hair, this is a fact that brown highlights will absolutely go with the dark brown hair color, and this dye will perfectly go with the dark skin tone
    • Burgundy hair color, must try this dye if you desire bold hair color
    • Auburn hair color, this dye will create a copper tone to your hair, and it will also add more tenderness
    • Light blonde color, this color will give dimension to your hair; there will be the perfect merging of this combo and will create a tempting whirl of stunning blonde tones

    Dark nectar blonde

    This dye will be perfect for those who don’t want to maintain their hair carefully; the maintenance is required in light colors blonde. This dark nectar blonde is excellent shows stunning and stylish looks on deep or dark skin tone.

    Nectar new blonde

    This color will give the dimensions of different shades like fawn, copper, and cream for hair when it moves at every angle. But keep in mind that this color shows multiple shades, so you must research your desired shade before applying this color and share it with your colorist.

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  • Nectar blonde with copper highlights

    If you want to try dimension with copper color, you must try it. It will show the dimensions of copper highlights on the deep of the hair. You will observe the warm orange toned deeply in your hair which looks stylish and gorgeous.

    Golden nectar blonde

    This color will help your hair to glow or shine perfectly, along with golden highlights. Moreover, this shining nectar blonde straight away shines your look.

    Nectar blonde spadille

    There is another way for low maintenance; after applying this, there will be no need for touch-ups. Similarly, it will show the natural dark color of hair; you will find a little by little change in your nectar blonde hair base.

    Light nectar blonde

    Light nectar blonde especially goes with fair or light skin tone; you will never disappoint after applying this shade to your hair.  

    Nectar blonde brunette

    If you’re searching for low-maintenance hair color, then you must go with honey blonde highlights. There will be no need for touch-ups for a long time, and it also shows the natural look of your hair.

    Butterscotch nectar blonde

    This butterscotch and nectar shade combo are eye-catching looks; this color will show your stunning looks. Additionally, the butterscotch highlight gives a dimension from every angle all over the nectar base.

    Truffle lowlight

    If you desire darker hair color on the hair base’s depth, you must go for it. While applying the color, merge some amount of chocolate or truffle lowlights. Hence, if you already have dark hair, then it will show stunning looks. It gives natural to the hair and ponders to apply the shades with muddy roots.

    Rooted nectar blonde

    This color is also suitable for low-maintenance adaptation of demanding colors all over the industry. Use the muddy technique and apply the color on the base or root of the hair; during applying, you will observe the change into the nectar blonde shade. Therefore, there will be no need for any touch-up in the long term. 

    Ashen nectar blonde

    While conventional nectar blonde hair is inclined to be on the span’s snug side, you can choose the cool-toned shade, depending on your desires. Moreover, this color is favorable for those women who have a medium skin tone. This color will nourish your low tones of the skin and will give you gorgeous looks.

    Nectar blonde along with cream highlights

    This color will give the shades like when you pour cream in the Joe (coffee). When you merge cream color in the nectar blonde, it will create a beautiful tone. Hence, perfectly mix the shades, then apply them to your hair and see the result.

    Reddish nectar blonde

    When you dye your hair nectar blonde, you might be observed a slight tone of red color, but if you want to highlight the red color, then use this reddish nectar blonde to highlight the red color correctly. Therefore, it will show your stylish and classy looks.

    Nectar blonde money piece

    If you are desiring that your hair will remain the same but want a slight shade of nectar blonde, then apply this shade on your hair and fulfill your desire. Moreover, this shade will prominent your hair color and lighten your face-framing.

    Nectar blonde with platinum highlights

    This is suitable for women who have fair or light skin tone. Whereas, if you want some variation and prefer to lighten nectar blonde with platinum highlights, you must go for it.

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    Warm nectar blonde

    It gives you the warm nectar blonde, and it is also known as a warmer nectar blonde; apply to your hair and achieve that trending shade.

    Choose what you have desired for your hair and go for it. Because there are no worries about maintaining after dyeing, but for that must read the instructions!

    One single time you have fulfilled your desire to dye nectar blonde then must do keep the following instruction in your mind for maintenance,


    Honey blonde hair dye shows fascinating looks, and there are many shades you can merge with honey blonde and apply to your hair for new looks. Different shades are suitable for different skin tones. A variety of shades are sold for different skin tones, and it looks perfect if you used the shade according to your skin tone.

     You can merge reddish, chocolate, balayage, etc., colors to transform your looks. But you must follow the given instruction after applying hair color. It will prevent your hair from damage, don’t use heated tools for styling. We’ve discussed above a lot of shades and mentioned which shade is suitable for skin tone.

    If you’re thinking of transforming a new color, then go with the honey blonde hair dye because it has different shades, and you can get at least one of them according to your skin tone!

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