Blond Highlights on Brown Hair

A blond highlight on brown hair is a beautiful hair color changing technique that paints the hair’s brown outer surface with different shades of blond. It lightens dark brown hair, making it appear fuller and lighter than dark hair, and adds different shades of blond highlights; to make the hair appear richer and lighter. The type of hair color is to give a more “blond” appearance. However, blond highlights on brown hair should not be over-wrought and should not cause any irritation to the scalp or eyes.

If you wish to lighten your hair’s brown; you can use either highlights or color gel to achieve a blond appearance. For this process; you will need an appropriate type of hair color close to the natural color of your hair and a bronzer or a darker shade of brown.

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  • Blond Highlights on Brown Hair DIY 

    Firstly, you need to apply bronzer by brushing the color on the ends of the hair. Then spread the color evenly on the shaft and leave for 20 minutes. After the time is up, the next step is to shampoo the hair. The blonde color will fade away by itself. So, it is important to keep the color intact for a longer period of time. Once the hair has been thoroughly cleaned, a light conditioner is applied to the hair to seal in the color.

    The color you choose for blond highlights on brown hair depends a lot on the person you are trying to lighten. The color gel can also create a different look for people who have blonde hair but want to lighten it. Using gel in conjunction with a different shade of blond color can help to give a unique look. It may be adding a little red dye in the hairdo, or it may be just highlighting the blond. You can use a thick layer of hairspray to bring out the color on top; or you can do it with your fingertips. It depends on your own personal style.

    When using the brown highlights, try not to use a toner and a gel that contain ammonia or chlorine bleach. For this will dry out the hair and can be harmful to the hair. The best product to use is one that contains sodium hydroxide, which is a mild alkali that does not harm the hair. To make it easy to style the hair, make sure to get the ends well-brushed. This way, you can pull the hair up into a short style and then tuck the brush under the fingertips to pull the hair back.

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  • Blow Dry Your Hair after doing Highlights

    Once you have finished styling, blow-dry the hair to the desired length; and then wash it thoroughly to remove any residue that has been left behind. Remember that blond highlights on brown hair are more suited for a shorter look than the more long-lasting hairstyles. To keep your blond highlights from getting frizzy, you can blow dry them every other day to avoid excessive blow-drying and the growth of tangles.

    Other Important Tips

    For blond highlights on brown hair, there are a few other tips to keep in mind. The highlights should be applied when the hair is still damp, and the roots are still soft. If applied while the roots are still firm, it will take longer to add the color. It is vital to use a good quality hair gel, as some may contain harsh chemicals that can damage the hair. If the hair gel does leave a greasy film, rinse it out with water.

    With blond highlights on brown hair, you are not limited to the typical highlights applied to blondes. You can add streaks and curls in as well, although the latter will take longer to add colour and last much longer.

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