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Girls who are blessed with natural blonde hair are the most attractive and alluring. But those born with dark brunette or black hair can also effortlessly transform their hair to blonde hair dye. All you require is the commitment and dedication towards your hair game and start experimenting with different blonde shades. There are numerous beautiful shades of blonde hair dye like dirty blonde hair, platinum hair color, honey blonde hair dye, dark ash blonde, strawberry blonde hair dye, dark blonde, medium blonde hair, and many more. Similarly, multiple options are available for interested ladies who want to add a bit of blonde touch to their dull hair. It doesn’t matter whether you visit the salon for the color services or are a do-it-yourself girl; the primary purpose is to achieve the dedicated shade with the blonde blend. Also, some of the blond hair dye shades like dirty blonde hair color and others don’t require maintenance. So, it is also a better option for those having a tight budget and who can’t afford regular care. Most of the shades require low maintenance and saves one’s trip to the salon.

Similarly, maximum of three months, the shade can easily last without maintenance. Therefore, blonde is not just a color, but it’s a feeling that can transform one’s overall personality to the mood. Also, the shade enhances the complexion of one’s skin and makes one look brighter and more confident.

In this article, our writers have rounded up the 30 best blonde hair dye shades that women can achieve in fashion nowadays. So, check out all the mentioned blonde hair color shades and pick one according to your skin complexion and choice.

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  • 1.    Bright Blonde Hair Dye Highlights

    Those blessed with darker hair still want a transformation from dark to blonde; a better way is to opt for super bright blonde highlights. Similarly, bright blonde hair dye will give a new astonishing experience to your dark hair and ending up providing you a new look. Also, this way, you don’t need to go on complete hair color transformation because only bright blonde hair dye highlights can do the job.

    2.    Undone Blonde

    This undone blonde trend is the one most women have liked for the past numerous years because it transforms one’s dirty blonde hair color. Now, it’s in fashion and looks outstanding with subtle highlights. Furthermore, the undone blonde looks perfect when you combine it with a little darker shade of blonde. Thus, the brighter end of the dark blonde shade adds more sparkle to one’s hair. One can choose any darker shade of blonde to dye ends but pick quality-wise perfect and doesn’t cause any damage.

    3.    Pearl Blonde Balayage

    The Pearl blonde shade is more like a platinum blonde hair dye but slightly more alluring. If you are bored of the true platinum blonde hair dye and want some change, you can go for pearl blonde balayage. Ask your stylist to match the beautiful pearl blonde shade with the ash blond combination. Pearl ash blonde hair looks mesmerizing on the light skin tones and can make your hair looks fantastic.

    Baby Blonde Hair Dye

    Don’t want a full-on platinum shade, then try the baby blonde hair dye that is more like white highlights but a bit dark in hue. Similarly, baby blonde toner is one of the natural hair colors for your blonde hair and lightens your dishwater blonde hair. Thus, it can easily match all skin tones.  

    5.    Platinum Blonde Hair Dye

    The platinum blonde hair dye is one of the oldest hair color shades that most women still love. In addition, the popularity of mesmerizing platinum hair color is continuously rising. Also, one must know there are numerous warm and cool shades of platinum blonde hair color. But keep in mind, if you want to get the platinum blonde hair dye for yourself, then carefully choose the hairstylist who specializes in this. Otherwise, you can not meet the expectations.

    Champagne Blonde Balayage

    The different shade of champagne hair color base contains a golden blonde hue with a spark of rosy undertone in it. Similarly, champagne color hair dye is the perfect color for women who want shiny and bright rosy pink highlights. Further, champagne blonde balayage never fails to look classy on all skin tones because champagne blonde cool or warm shades with a blush of rose blend.

    7.    Greige Blonde

    The combination of golden beige and ashy grey blonde creates such an excellent shade called greige blonde. Both shades, beige and grey, are the ones that women always want. Moreover, the relaxing golden beige hair dye looks perfect when blending with sandy highlights. Thus, it is most popular among older ladies, whereas most teenagers are addicted to the unique color.

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  • 8.    Cool Blonde Dye

    The best excellent blonde hair color for rosier complexions is an icy shade with a combination of platinum. In addition, one can play with cool tone blondes with many exciting colors and create a new look. The most prominent is ash cool blonde dye that looks ultimately beautiful on fair women. However, if you are born with natural brunettes and want to change the hair color with cool blonde dye, you need to lighten the base first. The process would be challenging yet possible, and eventually, one can achieve the desiring cool blonde shade on their dark brunette hair.

    9.    Buttery Blonde

    The shade buttery blonde is suitable for those who want to change their hair look slightly. Get the brown roots with the blend of golden buttery to transform the sources to shiny and attractive. The buttery blonde with brown tones looks flawless on long hair and all skin tones. It’s recommended for young ladies who never miss any chance to stand out from the crowd.

    10.  Melted Pecan

    Those who want to create the new summer hair but contain a tight budget should pay attention to melted pecan highlights. It is a deal for naturally brunettes and dark hair in which the color blends beautifully and serves ultimate brightness to the hair. In addition, the service can be ideal for low-maintenance clients if they only add up baby lights from the hairline to the ends and let the base color be natural.

    11.  Soft Blonde Hair Color

    Summer demands one to style their pastels colored clothes with soft blonde hair color. The soft blonde hair color looks more like platinum blonde but is comparatively warmer and healthier. Additionally, the soft blondes are also called warm platinum blonde. It seems ideal on the light complexions and long hair.

    12.  Semi-Permanent Pastels

    The colorful rainbow pastels look fabulous no matter what your skin complexion is; it mostly suits everyone. The blonde lovers should give a try to semi-permanent pastels and should go crazy with numerous colors. It is pretty effortless to get the new semi-permanent look to your old and yellow blonde hair. All you require is to follow a DIY video and practice at home. Mostly, girls like to mix red, purple, and orange and creates one of the hottest shades of semi-permanent pastels.

    13.  Tuscan Sun

    Ladies who are blessed with curls should once try the wonderful Tuscan Sun balayage of blonde hair dye. Its golden hue brightens up your natural hair and delivers a pop look. But remember, the highlights should be done on the chunky side of the hair so that it can be visible in your curly hair.

    14.  Classic Bronde

    The bronde is the shade created when the darker blonde is mixed with a lighter brown shade. Thus, the bronde hair dye is lighter than brunette shades and darker than a buttery blonde. Similarly, those having darker hair can quickly achieve the classic bronde shade. As for this tone, warmth is essential. So, when you get confused in picking between brown and beyond, it’s better to go bronde.

    Moreover, the most famous shade among girls is strawberry bronde hair color in which the rosier highlights match the brown base perfectly. Hence, it’s always better to consider the quality of hair color to prevent damage. Similarly, get your hands on the bronde loreal hair dye, or you can check more online bronde hair dye reviews of the best products.

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  • 15.  Honey Blonde Hair Dye

    Without changing your natural deeper tones, you can still get the best honey blonde hair dye highlights and slay all the time. Honey blonde hair color dye is like buttery blonde but is a blend of dark and brown blonde and warmer tones. Similarly, dark honey blonde hair dye adds sparks to your hair and makes you look effortlessly alluring—also, most women like white honey blonde hair color on their short hair. Well, if you are interested in achieving the look of the best honey blonde hair dye at home, then check out the ways of how to dye your hair honey blonde on the internet. Also, you must be careful with the products; always chosen authentic and safe hair care products; otherwise, you can end up damaging the hair.

    16.  Lived-In Blonde

    When you have a challenging daily schedule and hardly take out time for your hair, you should get a lived-In blonde hair dye as the shade does not require you to head towards the salon every week. But you can freely spend months without going to the salon to refresh the shade. It’s enough to visit once in three months to your hairstylist for refreshing the lived-in blonde hair dye. The shade looks fantastic on brighter skin tones, and it brings some extra glow to one’s face. It is a natural go-to shade for your casual and formal events.

    17.  Old Hollywood Blonde

    This shade is a little more bright and warmer than platinum blonde hair dye. The old Hollywood blonde is now called the fashionable hair color that most young generation is loving. Additionally, it looks gorgeous on light skin tones and short hair. Also, the shade old Hollywood blonde is another warmer version of champagne and buttery blonde.

    18.  High-Definition Warmth

    For those blessed with naturally dark hair, the high-definition warmth blonde shade is the one you should pay attention to. This time just jo buttery blonde golden highlight on the ends and let the roots e naturally dark. You would love the different combinations and will shine like a boss every time.

    Rooted Blonde

    Another more elegant blonde look is when you get the roots darker and combine them with platinum blonde hair. The rooted blonde hair dye looks fantastic on dark skin tones as well as on lighter complexions. So one doesn’t require to think a lot when she wants a brighter shade on their dark hair.

    20.  Caramel Blonde or Dirty Blonde Hair Color

    The dirty blonde hair dye is lighter than the brown shade, the hair color that primarily women are born with. Similarly, one is lucky if she has natural dirty blonde hair. However, if one doesn’t have one, the color can be achieved easily from any salon. Also, the color doesn’t require much maintenance as it can go for months effortlessly.

    21.  Golden Blonde Hair Dye

    When you get tired of your dull hair color, why not try some classic Golden blonde hair dye. The shade of lightest golden blonde hair color is perfect in making one’s complexion brighter and suits well on all skin tones. Similarly, effortlessly one can shine bright by wearing this classic and best golden blonde hair dye. Recently, the most famous singer Billie Eilish got the light golden blonde hair dye done, and after that, golden blonde hair dye becomes viral, and most teenager’s new addiction.

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  • 22.  White Blonde Hair Dye

    Get the instant cool look for your hair by picking white blonde hair dye this summer. White blonde hair dye never fails in making your hair game strong. The white ash blonde hair color and white honey blonde hair dye both are in fashion trends.

    23.  Bombshell Blonde

    The blonde that is neither too cool nor too warm is the bombshell blonde hair dye. However, the shade is brighter and reminds of old Hollywood hair game and style. For an endless look of bombshell blonde, try applying dark red lipstick and add little curls to your hair and slay like a boss lady at your special events.

    24.  Cream Soda Blonde

    Cream soda blonde shade comes under the brunette and blonde mixture. Whereas most stylist says, it’s the combination of beige brown and golden warmer tones of blonde. The best thing about the cream soda blonde hair color is that it leaves a better effect on one’s hair and serves a classy look.

    25.  Pale Ash Blonde Hair Dye

    Ash blonde hair color is already popular among all ladies, but not only limited to ladies but most men can also be seen having their hair dyed with this lovely shade. One of the reasons most people pick the pale ash blonde hair is that it quickly goes with all skin complexions. Pale ash blonde is slightly better than light ash blonde, dark ash blonde, and medium ash blonde hair dye. Because the light, medium, and dark ash blonde hair dye doesn’t work perfectly on all skin complexions that comparatively, pale ash blonde does. Therefore, it’s recommended to get advice from the color specialist before dye your hair with ash blonde hair dye.

    26.  Ashy Blonde

    When going crazy for ashy blonde hair dye, always keep the shade superlight if your skin tone is brown. The combination of brown skin, ashy blonde shade, and curtly hair would look mesmerizing, add a dark lip shade, and you are ready to slay.

    27.  Sunrise Blonde

    The sunrise blonde hair dye offers brightness while it looks soft and lights on the very dark bright hair. Therefore, it is one of the most remarkable ways to transform the hair and make the game strong. But, if you are achieving this color on your naturally dark hair, you need maintenance frequently. Also, the shade is suitable for all skin tones and hair colors, but for the safe side, it’s better to consult your stylist and go for a proper mutual decision. Hence, both can successfully make one look fabulous, whether you opt for sunrise blonde balayage or sunny daylight.

    28.  Blonde Ombre

    The blonde ombre hair dye consists of the little heavy brightness shade of blonde that people tend to apply on their hair ends. However, it doesn’t look on point when applied to the roots because of the brighter shade. Create the best combination by only coloring the ends with a blonde ombre and matching your naturally dark hair. The ends will highlight perfectly like a burst of sunshine.

    29.  Smoked M arshmallow Blonde

    The smoke marshmallow blonde is one of the few blonde hairs colors that requires pretty low maintenance and is quite effortless to achieve. It combines dark smokey blonde and creamy pale blonde hair color that blends perfectly and delivers an innovative shade.

    30.  Medium Blonde Hair Balayage

    The medium ash blonde hair dye is ideal for ladies blessed with natural brunettes. Similarly, ladies who are not obsessed with the light ash blonde hair dye or any other light shades, including honey blonde, platinum blonde, or white ash blonde, should go for the medium blonde hair balayage. Medium ash blonde hair dye can effortlessly add a spark to your dark hair and make your hair game strong. Thus, the medium ash blonde balayage doesn’t require you to visit salons for maintenance frequently; it’s a low maintenance balayage.

    Wrapping it up with some advice: you must ask your trustable hairstylist first to change the hair color towards the blonde. Otherwise, you will only waste precious money and valuable time and fail to achieve the desiring look. Additionally, there are numerous shades of blonde hair dye that are difficult to suit multiple skin complexions. So, it’s better one must think before finalizing any blonde shade for themselves. Therefore, in this guide, our writers have mentioned 30 different shades of blonde hair dye trending worldwide. So, if you are also planning for a hair transformation, then why wait; Go beyond with blonde.

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