Does Prune Juice Cause Diarrhea? (Prune Juice An Instant Natural Energy Drink)

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Prune Juice Definition/Characteristics:

Have you ever used prunes as a dietary supplement or as a laxative? Have you ever experienced prunes stimulated diarrhea? Foods that contain a high amount of sorbitol will ultimately result in loose bowels. Similarly, Prune juice may cause diarrhea as it has a high amount of non-soluble dietary fibers.

Basically, Prunes are the dried plums. Moreover, it is a rich source of energy and vitamins derived from prunes after a low-temperature extraction process.

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  • Benefits of Prune Juice:

    a.    Prune Juice Benefits:

    • Firstly, Prune juice is a natural re hydrating solution. It can incredibly be a rejuvenating agent for dermal epithelial cells.
    • Prunes or prune juice can be used as a dietary supplement due to its high nutritional value.
    • Prune juice is copious with dietary fibers. Therefore, it is considered a laxative to relieve acute as well as chronic mild Constipation. (1 ,5 ,6 ,7)
    • It is loaded with Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Multivitamins, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, and Zinc.
    • Prune juice intake immediately flushed the body with an ample supply of hard-working vitamins, especially Vit B6, which controls everything from thinking and mood swings to eating and task playing.
    • Prune juice is highly recommended in Vit B2 deficiency to prevent Ariboflavinosis, which prevails as dryness around the nose and mouth with magenta tongue (dry and inflamed tongue).
    • The juice is also used in Vit B6 deficiency to alleviate peripheral neuropathy symptoms and several skin disorders.
    • Prune juice is also outstanding in treating or preventing Vit B3 (Niacin) deficiency from alleviating pellagra like syndromes.
    • Hence, Prune juice is a good source of Ascorbic acid and is advised to prevent or treat Survey (tooth decay) and Vit C Deficiency Anemia.

    b. How long does prune juice take to work for Constipation in adults:

    • According to a study, consuming 125ml of Prune juice twice a day for up to one week will help reduce mild Constipation with specific gastrointestinal symptoms. (1)
    • According to another study, it takes two weeks to help relieve mild Constipation after intake of 125ml of Prunes juice twice a day. (2)
    • Another study recommends 2-4 ounces of Prunes juice in children and 4-8 ounces of Prunes juice each morning in adults to stimulate bowel movements. (3)
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  • Side Effects of Prune Juice:

    A. Side effects of drinking too much prune juice:

    Drinking Prune juice more than 125ml twice a day will result in bloating and flatulence as Prune juice contain sorbitol.

    More than the recommended quantity of Prune juice intake may also cause Constipation if not consuming enough water daily.

    Prunes juice’s excessive consumption may also result in flushing diarrhea, Hyperglycemia ( high sugar content), Weight gain, Ulcerative colitis, and Allergy symptoms because it contains insoluble fibers.

    B. Does prune juice cause diarrhea?

    One hundred grams Prune juice contains 6.1 grams of sorbitol, a non-soluble and indigestible carbohydrate. Furthermore, Sorbitol remains undigested as the human gut naturally lacks the enzyme and its encoding gene for its digestion.

    Additionally, the human gut needs excess water to remove sorbitol through the rectum, which leads to loose, watery stool. Drinking Prune juice more than 125ml twice a day will result in flushing diarrhea. Moreover, Prunes contain insoluble fibers, which cause loose stool or worsens diarrhea.

    C. Prune juice diarrhea:

    Prune juice diarrhea is chronic diarrhea characterized by the complaint of two to three loose, non-bloody, watery stool daily. (4)

    D. Do prunes cause explosive diarrhea?

    Prunes and fruits rich in sugar sorbitol boost up the frequency and fluidity of bowels. Also, over intake may result in explosive diarrhea along with bloating, cramping and flatulence. Prunes may occasionally cause “Stomach Flu” to stimulate rectal flatus(7) and explosive diarrhea, which passes off when the rectum becomes filled with a quantity of liquid and gas more than the amount it can typically hold.

    E.Can prune juice cause nausea?

    There is the person to person variations that exist. But overconsumption of Prune juice may ensure Nausea and Vomiting along with other gastrointestinal symptoms.

    F. Stomach gurgling after drinking prune juice:

    However, Prune juice is a good source of dietary supplements. But don’t forget, though, the excessive amount can also result in abdominal cramping, bloating, and stomach gurgling.

    G. Can prune juice cause diarrhea in toddlers:

    Toddler’s diarrhea may occur for several reasons, but the most common cause is excess fruit juice consumption. That’s why Toddler’s Diarrhea is also known as Drinking Too Much Fruit Juice Diarrhea”.

    Toddlers and children are more prone to Prune juice induced diarrhea as their gastrointestinal tract is weaker than the adults. Although, Prune juice can cause diarrhea in toddlers also as adults.

    A toddler may experience three to four loose stools each day but, on the other hand, puts on weight naturally.  Any drink or juice that contains sorbitol may cause diarrhea as sorbitol is non-soluble sugar and pulls more water from the bloodstream to prompt its excretion in a loose, watery stool form.

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  • Conclusion:

    In conclusion, Prune juice is a natural blend to be used as a rehydrating solution and dietary compound. But be careful; excessive intake of Prune juice, which is more than the recommended daily quantity, may cause undesirable diarrhea along with other gastrointestinal symptoms.

    Share your views and experiences if any of you has ever tried Prune juice as an instant natural drink.

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