Is Lemon Tea Good For You? 11 Incredible Health Benefits Of Lemon Tea


Lemon tea is one of the most refreshing, healthy, and tasty drink. Chinese people introduce it; they used to add lemon in the black or green tea, and it became another drink. Additionally, lemon tea health benefits are numerous for weight loss and etc, which can make one feel fitter and more energetic. The lemon itself can treat many diseases and enriched with Vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants. [1]

Similarly, the consumption of a required amount of Vitamin C in the human body can strengthen inflammation and prevents the body from infectious diseases. [1]

Additionally, it is an easier way to keep your body hydrated. Furthermore, it maintains the sugar level and lowers calories and detoxifies the body. Therefore, regular consumption of lemon-herb tea benefits human health positively and adds activeness to one’s life.

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  • 11 Incredible Health Benefits of Lemon Tea

    lemon tea benefits

    Minimize Diabetes Risk 

    The citrus in lemon can easily maintain the sugar level and decreases blood sugar spikes in the body. Moreover, the unique element in lemon called “hesperidin” is the leading cause responsible for maintaining blood sugar. Furthermore, this compound helps in reducing the risk and hazard of diabetes in the human body.  The intake of lemon tea can provide both elements to the body and reduces the risk of diabetes.

    Prevent from Cancer

    The regular consumption of lemon tea benefits in prevents one from hazardous disease like cancer. The reason is, lemon contains antioxidants properties and, most importantly, “quercetin”, which is quite enough to prevent the body from generating cancer cells. Thus, it can prevent a human body from numerous cancer types, including breast, kidney, prostate, ovarian and blood cancer.

    Provides Vitamin C

    With only one lemon, we can get an adequate amount of Vitamin C into the body. Collectively, vitamin C is beneficial for the immune system; it prevents our body from different severe diseases and infections. Moreover, the inflammatory property of lemon is also helpful in maintaining brain and heart health.

    Maintain Blood Pressure

    The flavonoid in lemon is responsible for maintaining high blood pressure and other similar problems. Additionally, adding lemons to tea and little regular cardiovascular exercise can get you rid of high blood pressure, and you can get fit.

    Helps Losing Weight

    Most doctors recommend it for weight loss, whereas lemon has polyphenol antioxidants regulating glucose levels and reducing weight. Furthermore, honey in lemon tea can result in making a robust digestive system and fasten weight loss. Above all, the consumption of lemon and water is also beneficial in weight loss; if you are not fond of lemon tea, you can go for lemonade.

    Improves Digestion System

    Have lemon tea right after meal if you are facing constipation and heaviness in the body. Moreover, adding it into your morning routine can also give you a healthy digestive system and wastes toxins from the stomach.

    Prevent Kidney Stones

    A vast amount of organic citric acid is available in lemons which are quite enough to treat kidney stones. Most citric acid consumption is beneficial in eliminating kidney stones [1].

    Similarly, citric acid functions to improve urine acids and helps in breaking small stones from the kidney. It helps provide hydration to the body, which is a preventive measure for kidney stones.

    Enhances Skin Beauty

    lemon tea benefits

    Most skin care remedies include lemon in the recipes because the vitamin can clear skin, reduce acne, prevent ageing, and whiten skin. Moreover, if one intakes it in the form of tea, it would be more effective for the wellness of your skin. The anti-inflammatory traits of lemon can tackle prone acne, scars, and infectious skin disease.

    Alleviate Stress and Depression

    Fine tannins, copper, potassium, and flavonoids found in lemons are all here to boost the brain’s health. The mental health of human can get better by taking scrumptious lemon tea regularly. Moreover, it eliminates stress, depression, anxiety, and mental-related issues and strengthens human memory.

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    Detoxifies Body

    Sipping it in the morning can purify toxins and harmful elements of your stomach and quickly kick them out from the body. It happens because of the lemon-citrus acid, which aims to clean the body’s harmful component and detoxify the human system.

    Provides Relaxation in Migraine

    lemon tea benefits

    The tasty and refreshing tea can quickly diminish your migraine and headaches. In lemons, numerous antioxidants are available, responsible for relieving headaches, low blood pressure, body pain, fatigue, and weakness. Also, different taste of tea can transform one’s mood and freshens body.

    Homemade Recipe of Lemon Tea

    Required Ingredients

    • Fresh lemon juice 2 tbsp
    • Tea leaves 1tsp
    • Water 1 cup
    • Sugar/ Honey as per your taste


    Firstly, put a cup of water on the flame and boil it. After boiling, add tea leaves, and again cook the tea on medium flame. Then turn the flame off and add honey and lemon juice in tea and mix well. If you do not like honey, then use sugar instead. Similarly, you can replace black with green teas because green tea with lemon and honey benefits weight loss more effectively. The excellent lemon tea is ready. Moreover, you can add more ingredients like ginger, salt, cinnamon, and mint for additional taste.

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  • When Should you Avoid Lemon Tea?

    There are numerous benefits of lemon tea which we have discussed above, but in some cases, it is not so helpful.

    • Do not take during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
    • It is not so good for children. It can reduce weight and may not suit their stomach.
    • Diarrhea patients should not take lemon tea; the traditional black tea is way better in this situation. Frequent consumption can cause nausea too.
    • A vast intake of lemon tea can somehow affect your teeth and can cause tooth decay. Avoid if you are facing any tooth-related issues.
    • Lemons can worsen canker sores, so it is recommended to avoid lemon tea if someone is suffering from canker sores.
    • People with high blood pressure should not consume lemon tea on a regular basis.

    Above all, it is essential to consult doctor and nutritionists about its consumption if you are suffering from severe disease.

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    Lastly, the discussed traits and mind-blowing properties of lemon tea benefit human health in various ways. Similarly, we should also add it in our daily routine, whether in black , green tea, or any other drink. Therefore, its consumption is required for weight loss and a healthy diet routine. Moreover, if someone is facing severe health-related issues, take lemon tea with your doctor’s advice.

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