Can saltwater cure a yeast infection?

Yeast infections occur at different parts of the body; skin, vagina, mouth, esophagus. It becomes very itchy and burning to whichever part it affects and makes the person uncomfortable. Vaginal yeast is ubiquitous in women, almost 75% of the women, which means every 3 out of 4 experience this at some point in their lives. However, here is the good news that it is possible to cure with proper medications and some home remedies. The article will discuss how saltwater can cure yeast infection. Additionally, it will discuss the procedure for using saltwater, its side effects, and results. Moreover, one should always take care to take some necessary steps for the prevention of yeast infection.    

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  • What is a Yeast Infection?

    It is an infection that is caused by yeast. The Scientific name for yeast is Candida, which is a fungus.  The fungus lives almost everywhere and presents in our body too. Usually, it causes no harm. Nevertheless, the problem occurs when its growth increases than its average rate, which leads to infection, known as a yeast infection. Its growth rate becomes high when we are not feeling well and take antibiotics. Yeast infection can affect different parts of the body as the skin, mouth, esophagus (digestive tract), vagina, etc. The infection occurs mostly in moist parts of the body. Thrush is an infection of the mouth that causes white patches. A thrush that spreads to the esophagus is known as candida esophagitis. This causes difficulty in swallowing food as it is the tube that transfers food from mouth to stomach.

    Further, a yeast infection on the vagina in women causes vaginitis. Furthermore, the infection on the skin causes rashes and itching. Finally, yeast infection in the blood circulation can be critical to life.       

    How can a person get rid of it?

    Treatment for yeast infection generally requires antifungal medications. The cure is simple in most cases, and one can get rid of yeast infection easily. Nevertheless, the healing process can be complicated if the person has a weak immune system. Such persons might go for more potent medications to completely resolve the symptoms. Acidophilus is a bacteria that helps to keep the check on yeast. The helpful bacteria is also available in yoghurt. One can use yoghurt as a home remedy for getting rid of this. A person can also use medicated creams for yeast infection. No doubt yeast infection is very itchy, but one should always try not to scratch as this can further increase the infection.

    Moreover, your doctor may guide you in relieving itching and burning. If your treatment is not benefiting you for more than a week, it is better to consult with the doctor. Besides medications, one can try several home remedies, including saltwater. Here is how salt water helps in getting rid of yeast infection.   

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  • How is saltwater helpful?

    Yeast infection can also be treated by applying saltwater to the affected area. Mix the half teaspoon of table salt into a warm water cup and gargle it for oral thrush. Moreover, for other parts of the body, soak the affected part into the water for a few minutes and then wash thoroughly with tap water. 


    According to a study, making saltwater for yeast infection, mix a quarter to half teaspoon sea salt or table salt into a cup of water and stir it till it completely dissolves into the water. Avoid tap water and use pure water for this remedy. For adding more tests to the remedy, you can add lemon, honey, peppermint, garlic, etc.     

    Side effects / Drawbacks

    The remedy can have its side effects if not used correctly, or it may not suit you for the yeast infection. In such cases, one should take care of the things discussed here or stop using it, if it is not suiting you and better consult with the doctor. A person should use the salt ratio, as mentioned in the remedy suggested by a study. As too much salt can dehydrate your mouth and throat and cause further problems. For a single cup of warm water quarter to a half teaspoon of salt will be enough. Secondly, use warm water that is bearable. In case using too much hot water will burn your mouth, and then, you will surely be needing the doctor.       


    The remedy will show its results within a week. If the results are not seen within a week, then they should consult with the doctor. When the person is sick or their immune system is weak, they need a proper, medicated cure. Saltwater may not give its results for yeast infection when the condition is severe.     

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  • Tips to prevent infection 

    No matter if the person has been affected by the yeast infection or not, it is always necessary to take some preventions, to avoid having it in the future any. Here are some tips to prevent yeast infection. 

    Maintain healthy hygiene: Keep yourself clean and dry, especially in areas where there are more chances to get affected. However, a study suggests, women should only wash the external area of the vagina because cleaning inside may kill the good bacteria that prevent infection.

    Use cotton underwear: As yeast likes to grow in moist and dark areas. So, wearing cotton made inners allows ventilation and fewer chances for the yeast to grow.   

    Doctor consultations: Stop using too many home remedies if the results are not shown. There are other infections too. So maybe you are not treating rightly and misunderstanding the infection. Thus, talk to your doctor to recognize the infection.  

    Antibiotics: Use antibiotics only when needed. 

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  • Conclusion 

    Although antifungal medications used for treating yeast infections is always helpful. Different creams, powders, and drugs at the medical stores are used with doctor’s consultations. Additionally, few home remedies like “saltwater” also effects excellent for treating yeast infection. The remedy is simple and easy to carry, as discussed.    

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