How to use Apple Cider Vinegar for muscle cramps?

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The majority of people have experienced muscle cramps, especially athletes, who are enthusiastic about fitness. And the ones who are new in workouts had also suffered. Muscle sourness is normal and cannot be avoided. Thus, it needs a proper healing process after exercise. Several home remedies prevent such pain where; several research studies support Apple cider vinegar.It has been used for centuries in the field of medicines. Due to its several health benefits, it includes popular home remedies. Apple cider vinegar for muscle cramps is a fantastic home remedy used by the majority of people. However, the ingredient also has some side effects if overly used that are discussed below. Thus, the article will also discuss the precautions for its best results.   

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  • What are muscle cramps?

    A muscle cramp is when a muscle is contracted suddenly and causes considerable pain. It may acquire and relax while cramping. That pain may sometimes soothe quickly within a few minutes. However, in some conditions, it can cause severe pain. In such situations, it is essential to be aware of the causes producing muscle cramps and solutions to treat such pain.   

    Major causes of muscle cramps

    People who are doing vast physical activities like exercises, gym workouts, sports and, other physical labor are most likely to suffer muscle cramps. Common causes of muscle cramps are heavy exercises, dehydration, and holding a particular position for an extended period. However, in most cases, the reason is unknown. Besides, some medicines and diseases may also cause muscle cramps, and some of them can be treated easily at home. Other may cause due to the following medical conditions.


    • Insufficient Minerals: A shortage of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals may lead to leg cramps.
    • Narrowing of the arteries: Arteries supply blood to the legs if they get narrow due to some medical condition. Then, it will cause severe pain in the legs by producing cramps.
    • Compression of nerves: When nerves are compressed in the spine, they may also be responsible for the leg’s cramps. That will create pain, and one may not be able to walk with such pain.

    Few other causes that may increase muscle cramps’ risk factor include; age, pregnancy, dehydration, and diseases like diabetes and other disorders as nerve or thyroid.

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  • Symptoms of muscle cramps

    Muscle cramps are painful, and the bearer must stop whatever activity he or she is doing. And they should do something in response to the pain so that relief from the pain can be achieved as it becomes impossible for the person to work with the affected muscle while cramping. It may swell as well with severe pain in some extreme conditions, which may continue for several days. However, there are no special tests for muscle cramps. But most of the time, it is easy to identify the kink. Most of the cramps develop in the leg, especially in the back portion of the lower leg or calf. Besides sharp pain, one might feel the affected muscle firmed and bulged.   

    Treatments and home remedies for muscle cramps

    One way to treat the cramp is not to do anything in many cases, and it just ends within ten minutes with just a little rest. But when the condition is severe, and you want to do something about it for fast relief. In such situations, there are some foods that one can try to heal from the pain. Most common muscle cramps involve foot and leg cramps, which are painful, and due to the reason, it becomes harder to move for the sufferer. It is due to putting too much load on muscles like exercising. Most of the time, the cramps can also be due to a lower potassium, calcium, and magnesium level. Here is an ingredient, Apple cider vinegar, which plays a vital role in relieving muscle cramps. Here is what it is and how it works:   

    Apple cider vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is a type of vinegar that is created with crushed apples and yeast. Yeast converts the sugar of the apple into alcohol, further fermenting this alcohol into acetic acid, which is the main ingredient of apple cider vinegar and accountable for healthcare benefits. Apple cider vinegar has weak acids, as it only contains 5-6% acetic acid in this vinegar. Still, it has strong acidic properties when concentrated. It also prevents water and some other acids, vitamins, and minerals. Due to the presence of acetic acid in this vinegar, it gives several health benefits such as lower blood sugar, weight loss, and cholesterol level. Most people use it to heal leg cramps or muscle cramps, leg cramps are result of lack of potassium in the body, and apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium and fills the gap to heal leg cramps. 

    How to use apple cider vinegar for muscle cramps

    Using cider vinegar for muscle cramps is a traditional home remedy, it other numerous health benefits. There are many ways to use apple cider vinegar for muscle cramps. One can drink it as it is, or it can also be used with other natural substances.

    • ACV with water for leg cramps: Mix one teaspoon of ACV in a water glass and drink this solution every day till you get the best results in the affected area.
    • ACV with honey: Due to the sour taste of ACV, if you find it challenging to consider the above solution, then one can also mix two teaspoons of honey in the above recipe to taste better. 
    • ACV with salads: One can also consume this by adding it to the salads. It will bring an excellent taste to salad and complete the scarcity of potassium and minerals in your body to strengthen your muscles.
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  • The side effect of apple cider vinegar for muscle cramps

    Research suggests that Apple cider vinegar has numerous health benefits. It has become a common home remedy for several health issues. But it may be problematic if consumed in a more considerable amount. However, there is little study on potential side effects of ACV if used regularly. The most common side effects of consuming too much ACV are: 

    • Tooth decay: Apple cider vinegar is acidic food. When too many acidic foods combine they cause the weakening of teeth over the period. This leads to tooth decay.
    • Digestion problems: Most people consume ACV for weight loss. Several studies on humans and animals have found that ACV slows down the rate at which food leaves the stomach. This ultimately promotes the feelings of fullness in human that slows down the food intake. However, when food remains in the stomach for the long-term, it causes the problem. Additionally, calorie intake is also reduced, which may weaken the body.
    • Studies suggest that lowers the blood pressure when a high amount of ACV is used regularly and when it is in diluted form. This may reduce blood pressure dramatically. However, researchers do not understand its full effect because more study is needed in this field. 

    Using apple cider vinegar safely

    To lower the risk of side effects, one should avoid using it regularly, particularly in large quantities of undiluted form. Here are some tips for using it safely:

    • One should use it in a lower quantity.
    • Consume it in diluted form or use it with other ingredients like salads.
    • People who are on medications should consult with the doctor before using ACV.
    • People who are experiencing any side effects better should see the doctor before using it any more.

      10.  Conclusion

    Thus, we note that anyone can experience muscle cramps that are regularly doing physical activities. Most often, cramps can get away within few minutes. However, in severe cases, we can treat this by using some home remedies, like Apple cider vinegar. Studies suggest Apple cider vinegar for muscle cramps as highly effective and beneficial. If the person is experiencing any side effects of the ingredient, they must consult with the doctor before using it.  

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