Impacts Of Feminism-A reflection towards today’s state of women’s Rights



Feminism as a topic is quite challenging but more emerging, passionate, powerful, and engaging. The majority of the people are familiar with the term male dominancy and Feminism, and thousands have researched their impact on each other and different aspects of human life. Nevertheless, the question arises here: where are we standing in the circumference of women’s rights and responsibilities? However, equality in terms of ownership is not enough; nevertheless, it can flourish humanity.  

  • What is FEMINISM?
  • Feminism And Its Impacts

    Feminism is nothing but a key to a prosperous society. It is not about female dominance but the equality of women’s rights throughout the continuum of social, political, economic, religious beliefs, and even every aspect of life. It also includes educational as well as professional chances and approaches for women as for men.

    Moreover, a feminist is a person who believes in the charm of women’s rights equally as he believed in the ownership of anyone else. Although it does not mean women can handle all these areas by themselves and without support from men. Men and women can be more productive than working as a single entity. 

    Considering women’s rights as a core element will also prosper the nation by improving the workforce on-demand because women’s class always remains a reserved talent. By involving the female workforce, the rate of following misfortunes can be reduced in a significant percentage.

    Child Labor, 

    Domestic violence, 

    Unemployment and,

    Illiteracy rate.

    Salient Features Of Feminism

    Let us talk about the bullet points regarding Feminism.

    1. We live in a two-faced society. One is developed, and another is under-developed. A developed society is literate and advanced, who is willing to give space to their females. Nevertheless, the under-developed society is mostly occupied with illiterate, conservative, and stereotyped males, who consider their females their property.                                                                                                            
    2. What do you think about Feminism? Is this related to equality of rights among men and women? No, but Feminism is the women’s rights only.
    3. Men stand as caretakers of women since Allah has made some of them excel the others (Qur’an 4:34). 
    4. Did Allah has made the men superior to the women, so who are we to raise the question against Him?  

    Here, I m not going to the topic of Feminism in the light of Islam. Nevertheless, trying to clear that superiority of men does not mean that women are inferior to men. Male and female both are unique in all aspects yet also equal in every aspect. 

    1. However, Feminism enables both genders to enjoy equal opportunities in all circumstances.

    Significance Of Feminism

    “The point of feminism is you should not have to be a man to be treated with equal respect.”

    Kimberly Williams Crenshaw, Activist.

    1. Feminism does not only foster the female community. Nevertheless, also works to flourish the entire society as a whole.
    2. It promotes the sense of being critical.
    3. Also, it self-esteem and self-responsibility.
    4. Feminism develops feelings of protection, well-being, comfort, safety, contentment, and success and idea to take participate in something for society’s welfare. 
    5. The concept of Feminism also stimulates men to partake in the house chores with women to create a healthy family environment. Sunnah also justifies this behavior.
  • Women Empowerment and its Importance
  • Is There Any Need To Promote Feminism?

    I and most of us do agree with promoting Feminism. As we are females but always remember we are Human being too. As a female, we cannot advertise our worth by the hypocrites in a manner like this. We are asking the men to give space to women. Why should he leave his room or seat as he also has the right to sit because he has paid for it? 

    So if we do not promote Impact of Feminism, what will we do.

    Remember, always promote the right things and correct the wrong things around us. Just looking around us, we can bring out many changes to uplift women’s rights. Following are some examples of common Pakistani women struggling and working hard for their fundamental rights to spend a meaningful life.

    Tabassum Adnan, Pakistan’s Women’s Rights Activist.
    Parveen Bibi, was declared as Pakistan’s First Female Rickshaw  Driver   
      Shamim Akhtar was declared Pakistan’s First Female   Truck  Drive
    Yasmeen, fruit vendor  
      Zahida, Pakistan’s first female taxi 
    Rubina, Alu Paratha Stall Owner  in Islamabad    

    Reasons To Support Feminism

    1. Why is Feminism considered as an uncertain topic to create a gap between male and female’s potential?  Why can it not be used as a phenomenon to bridge this gap for the whole community’s welfare regardless of anyone else? 
    2. Feminism has developed a sense of dignity that encourages women to participate in national and international events more zealously.
    3. Feminism made possible the women’s approach to education, healthcare, employment, political and economic facilities in the society.
    4. It improved the sense of responsibility, respect, and well-being among women.
    5. It can reduce poverty and the mortality rate among females.

    Reasons To Oppose Feminism

  • Feminism has still not been fully achieved in the entire world

    1. Here in Pakistan, women still confront challenges that keep them away from their destination. 
    2. Women are still facing honor killings for spoiling their family’s image ( Qandeel Baloch case).
    3. They are still going through gang-rape ( Motorway tragedy).
    4. Still they have to leave their professional life for multiple reasons. 
    5. They still tolerate loose talks of their husband or in-laws.
    6. Only a professional group of women is rejoicing from the core benefits of Feminism. However, the other common females put up with physical and mental oppression in several ways.
    7. Even in most cultures, demanding fundamental rights leads to a separation between man and woman. 


    Feminism is a protest against religious, social, political, and economic female rights and privileges. 

    So there you are – it is a deep and sensitive topic to discuss, but I hope to give you an insight into the bloom of this topic.

    That is all about Impact of Feminism. Me here waiting for your comments about how you people pursue Feminism.

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