Health Benefits Of Different Nuts And Dry Fruits


Nuts and dry fruits are the superfoods whose small portion is enough to provide a surplus amount of nutrients. These nutrient-rich foods also help in improving our health condition and preventing us from many diseases. In addition to that benefits of nuts and dry fruits aid us in building bioactive compounds that are essential for promoting health and increasing antioxidant capacity.

From early times, humans have been including dry fruits in their diet. The advantages provided by them are large, but they are discussed very rarely. They are a source of improving immunity, memory and reducing heart diseases, sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. This article will cover the importance of these dry fruits, especially the benefits of nuts for skin and hair.

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  • The Benefits Of Nuts For Skin And Hair

    The special characteristics possessed by nuts and dry fruits is they provide great benefits to skin and hair. They especially make your skin glowy and spot-free and your hair healthy and shiner. Different nuts with their incredible advantages are mention below.

    Walnut Benefit For Skin And Hair

    Walnut is composed of 65% fat and 15% protein. These rich in calorie and fat nut is also rich in offering numerous health benefits. They constitute an excess amount of nutrients that have made them important for hair and skin. Due to this, they are used widely for skincare, haircare, beauty care, and health care. Benefits provided by them are listed below;

    Exfoliate Skin

    The anti-oxidants and Vitamin E in walnut helps in removing the dead skin cells and dirt accumulated on the skin. Hence, resulting in the prevention of excessive oiliness and pores clogging. Walnut composed face wash is highly recommended for radiant skin.

    Glows Skin

    Walnut constitutes Omega-3 fats that are extremely important for your body. The function of Omega-3 fat is to strengthen the skin membrane and remove the toxins from the body. Hence, the nutrients provided by this fat gives a glow to the skin that makes skin shiner and smooth.

    Sunburn Protection

    The health benefits of different nuts and dry fruits are immense but the Omega-3 fat present in walnut is a multipurpose element. Besides providing glowy skin, it cools down the inflammatory process and protects against UV rays. This protects the skin from sunburn.

    Reduce Acne Breakout

    The function of Omega-3 in reducing the inflammatory process in a long run helps in reducing acne breakout. As a result, they reduce skin inflammation and keeps the skin moisturized and nourished. Consequently, decreases the acne breakout and diminishes the dark spots left by acne.

    Curing Infections

    The anti-inflammatory agent, Omega-3 in walnut is also effective to combat all skin diseases. For instance, Rosacea and Eczema are the most common skin infections that can easily be cured by the use of walnut soaps.

    Hydrated Skin

    In addition to Omega-3, Vitamin B5 and vitamin E in the walnut possessed amazing features for pore tightening and skin brightening. They provide your skin with a spot-free look and make it more radiant and hydrated.

    Exterminating Dandruff

    The anti-fungal components are also rich in walnut. Due to this, hair problems like dandruff and other fungal infections accumulating on the scalp can easily be cured by the use of walnut shampoo.

    Improves Hair Growth

    The walnut oil is also nutritious for hair growth. It is composed of anti-oxidants that work on hair fall and hence stimulate hair growth. 

    Almond Benefits For Skin And Hair

    Almonds are rich in zinc element. This made it of great importance for hair as well as for skin. But peeled almonds have more nutrients than raw almonds. Therefore, we were often given soaked and peeled almonds when we were kids for sharpening our memory. Almond is another best solution for skin and hair problems.

    Reduces Wrinkles Formation

    Almonds largely constitute anti-oxidant, vitamin E, and also other essential fatty acids. There was the research carried out on the effect of almonds on skin lipids and wrinkles. It demonstrated that daily consumption of those nutrients brought a massive decrease in the severity of wrinkles. Therefore, consuming almonds naturally give you an anti-aging benefit. 

    The Solution For Dry Skin

    For softening and smoothening of skin, almond is the best choice because its nutrients help in moisturizing dry skin caused by Eczema. It also reduces the stretch marks caused by pregnancy, effortlessly.

    Improves Hair Tensile Strength

    Medical researchers have proven that almonds are rich in fatty acids too. Further, this element makes almond the best use for improving hair tensile strength. Apply the almond mixture on the scalp before undergoing any chemical process. As a result, the effects of chemicals can largely be reduced. This is because the mixture prevents the chemical from penetrating the inner shaft. Thus, reducing long-lasting damage and making hair stronger. 

    Makes Hair Healthier

    Magnesium and vitamin E present in almond is also an important element for hair health. Vitamin E makes the root stronger. While magnesium reduces hair loss. Therefore, hair loss patients are highly encouraged to apply almond oil for thicker and healthy hair.

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  • Health Benefits Of Pistachios vs Almond vs Walnuts vs Cashew

    There are enormous health benefits of nuts and dry fruits. They are rich in fat, vitamins, and other minerals which are essential for a body. However, their adequate intake quantity improves health and reduces various diseases.

    Consumption Of One Serving (28 Grams)



    Pistachio is rich in healthy fat which is beneficial for a healthy heart. Doctors recommend having 1.5 to 3 ounce serving daily for useful effects. The health benefits of pistachios are discussed below;

    It is highly recommended to heart patients because it is rich in l-arginine. It helps in lowering the cholesterol level. 

    They are great for diabetic patients because of the large quantity of phosphorus present in it. It helps in keeping a check on glucose tolerance. It also minimizes its level.

    Vitamin B6 present in pistachios improves hemoglobin which increases the oxygen level in blood. As a result, clean blood is supplied all over the body.

    Intake of vitamin B6 also results in a healthy nervous system and improved also boosts the immune system.

    Eating pistachios during pregnancy helps in increased oxygenated blood. It also provides relief from joint pains and constipation.


    Almonds are also rich in many minerals which are essential for a body. It is beneficial for diabetes patients and helps in reducing the cholesterol level. Hence, it is recommended to eat 14 gm for healthy benefits. There are various benefits of almonds that are given below;

    Magnesium is present in almonds in large quantities. It helps greatly in improving metabolic syndrome of type 2 diabetic patients and also lowering blood sugar levels.

    Magnesium also keeps the blood pressure level in check and control.

    Almonds are great anti-oxidants that help in reducing inflammation. The inflammation can result in aging, sunburns, and diseases like cancer. 

    They are beneficial for heart patients, because they are rich in vitamin E. It helps in reducing heart diseases. 

    Despite the fact almonds are rich in calories and high in fat, they aid weight loss. Their intake boosts the metabolism. As a result, weight is lost.


    Walnut is the best source of omega-3 fatty acid. Due to this, it has a large number of benefits. It is recommended to have 1.5 ounces daily for health benefits. It is especially great for sharpening memory. The benefits of walnuts are discussed below,

    The omega-3 fat in walnut helps in reducing heart disease. It also reduces the cholesterol level to a large extent.

    It also helps as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation which may be the cause of many diseases.

    Cashew Nut

    The health benefits of different nuts and dry fruits are vast. They all must be included in our diet. Similarly, cashew nuts have great benefits. They are especially low in sugar and provide maximum nutrients that are essential for a body. It is therefore recommended to have 1 ounce daily for lowering blood pressure levels. The benefits of cashew nuts are;

    Copper, magnesium, and manganese are important nutrients. Because they help in energy production, healthy brain, and body. These minerals can be accumulated by the intake of cashew nuts.

    Like all the other nuts, cashew nuts are rich in anti-oxidants. They also help in decreasing the inflammation that can cause disease.

    These nuts can also help in reducing heart diseases and lowering sugar levels.

    Cashew nuts provide 155 calories per ounce which can help greatly in weight loss. Further, they are versatile. Therefore, they can be added to any dish enhancing its taste and increasing its benefits for the body.


    All the nuts and dry fruits discussed above are vital for the human body because of their richness in nutrients and minerals. Thus, their recommended consumption can yield great health benefits. Almond and walnut can be a source of great benefit especially for skin, hair, and diabetic patients. While pistachio and cashew nuts can be beneficial for heart patients. Hence nutrients provided by them benefit health in various ways, enhances immunity, reduces disease risk, and sharpens the intellect. To conclude, Everyone must include them in their diet for experiencing the healthy benefits of different dry fruits and nuts. 

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