What is Crystallization Of Honey?

Initially, bees use the nectar they collect from flowers to form HONEY. This thick substance is usually consumed in liquid type and may direct color from straw to dark brown. Honey consists of water, fructose and glucose in its composition. It conjointly contains trace amounts of enzymes, amino acids, vitamin B, vitamin C, minerals, antioxidants. Today we are going to discuss about Crystallization Of Honey.

The exact nutritionary makeup of honey varies supported by its origin. There are more than three hundred types of honey, Each kind of honey includes a distinct color and flavor. for instance, buckwheat honey may be a common dark honey identified for its malty style. Fireweed honey may be a lightweight selection that’s nearly clear in color and includes a tea-like flavor.

  • Honey conjointly provides extra health benefits:
  • It May facilitate kill germs as a result of its Antimicrobial properties.
  • When use as a salve in gel type, it’s going to facilitate promote healing in wounds and minor burns.
  • It may conjointly facilitate ease coughing and sore throat.

Crystallization is the process by which solid forms. Where the atoms and molecules are tightly packed with each other forming a structure generally known as crystal.

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  • Why Does Honey Crystallize?

    Three factors which make honey to Crystallize are:
    *Ratio of Glucose and Fructose in the honey


    Honey can crystallize within the hive if the temperature goes below 50ºF (10ºC), and honey can crystallize in your containers if you’ve got a chilly cabinet cupboard. Finding a hotter spot to store your honey can slow crystallization.


    It is traditional, and acts as a kind of honey birthplace. pollen grains in honey verifies what plants the bees are feeding on. Bees are fuzzy, thus where ever they’re drinking nectar to form honey, they get coated with grains. However crystallization happens quicker once there are little particles accessible on it. Fresh, raw honey incorporates a ton of these within the sort of pollen grains.

    Ratio of Glucose and Fructose in the honey

    As honey is the saturated solution of glucose and fructose, the proportion of these sugars depends on different plants that bees fed on to make honey. Whereas, fructose tends to stay dissolved, glucose incorporates a lower solubility. Higher the concentration of glucose is present in honey , quicker it takes to crystallize. Some types of honey have lower concentration of glucose, hence they take longer to crystallize.

    How To Prevent Honey From Crystallizing?

    Honey can crystallize naturally. However, few precautions are to prevent it from crystallizing. Opt for a glass instead of a plastic jar to store the honey, Storing it during a tightly lidded instrumentality can keep its flavor and quality intact. Honey retains its kind higher once it’s hold on during a cool place. Cold temperatures (below 10°C) is proper for preventing crystallization. Hotter temperatures (over 21°C) discourage crystallization however degrade the honey and encourage fermentation. otherwise to avoid crystallization is by filtering honey – this removes some particles that initiate the method of crystallization. If your honey includes a low glucose-to-water magnitude relation, it’s a lot of possible to stay liquid. Holding honey at temperatures between 40°C and 71°C throughout bottling additionally slows the speed of crystallization.

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  • Is Crystallized Honey Bad?

    There is a perception that once the honey crystallizes it can’t be eaten again. Well, crystallized honey is not bad. As honey is acidic and sugary in nature, it is difficult for most of the micro-organisms to survive. Food is considered bad if some micro-organisms break into it.So, it is wrong to say that crystallized honey is bad but if one doesn’t like its form, can de-crystallize honey to gain it’s original form. As, described earlier some forms of honey contain greater concentration of glucose causing the honey to crystalize quickly, which doesn’t mean it is bad to eat as it still has the taste.

    How Do You Fixed Crystallized Honey In Plastics:

    As the honey present in glass jars, or other jars (except plastic) can be de-crystallized easily. But the case with plastic bottles and jars is different. If we heat in similar way, after a certain temperature the plastic bottles will start to melt . That is not what we need.  Hot water from tap isn’t hot enough to melt the plastic bottle, or cause any damage to the honey. Simply by filling a bowl with hot tap water, and placing the plastic jar in it will work. But the process needs repetition. As, the water gets cold quickly, so filling with new warm water from tap is needed frequently.

    What To Do With Honey That Has Crystallized:

    The simple procedure to turn the crystallized honey back to it’s original state is by heating it. There is no need to panic in such situation. Firstly, fill a half pot with water, making sure that the honey jar is not completely drowned in it. Maintain a low temperature, so that the  water gets hot but not boil. Gently, keep stirring the honey so that the crystals break, avoiding the pot water getting into the jar. once the honey becomes smooth and gain its original shape remove it and keep in a cool dry place.

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