What are the Symptoms of Sour Stomach?

The Symptoms of Sour Stomach may include, sudden upset of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to various reasons like a bacterial infection, allergic reaction, stress and others can cause an episode of severe and even life-threatening discomfort for the patient with a sour stomach. This condition is medically known as dyspepsia, also known as irritable bowel syndrome.

Moreover, it is generally known as upset stomach and is meant to indicate discomfort or pain in the lower abdomen. It’s a collective group of common symptoms, to explain lower gastrointestinal disorders. It generally occurs as a direct result of malfunctioning in a particular system in the digestive tract; and the patient needs to take remedial measures to bring relief.

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  • Causes of Sour Stomach

    Causes of this condition include bacterial infection in the gut; and excessive salivation caused by an allergic reaction to food, ulcers in the stomach lining and several factors. These causes are interrelated, and it’s essential to recognize what they are and what the underlying cause is. After the diagnosis of condition as sour stomach; the affected person can start taking steps towards treating the problem. Most health experts agree that it requires an overall improvement in the digestive system, so that the symptoms can be managed effectively.

    One of the causes of dyspepsia is over-eating. Since we don’t have the time or energy to chew our food properly, we tend to eat it when we’re not hungry. The reason for this is that when we eat something when we’re not hungry; we tend to feel full for longer than we would if we had eaten at a time when we need of a quick source of energy. Over-eating causes several problems, including fatigue, increased blood pressure, nausea and diarrhoea.

    We can avoid and get rid from  this symptoms by eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. Other health complications associated with this condition include constipation and abdominal pain.

    Since these are usually the first things that patients report about, doctors often neglect to look further into the exact cause of the discomfort.

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  • Remedies for Sour Stomach:

    Remedies for this condition can range from simple measures, such as changing your diet, to more complicated ones, including the use of antibiotics or medications. However, you must try to pinpoint the actual cause of the discomfort before you go ahead with any medical intervention.

    Home remedies include drinking lots of water and taking plenty of fibre, which helps neutralize the chemicals found in processed foods and helps to relieve the symptoms of the condition. Cranberry juice can also help to reduce the symptoms of this condition. It has also been found to increase the intestinal motility, which can lessen the discomfort brought about by the state.

    To prevent further distress and the occurrence of future episodes, try not to overeat, avoid spicy and fatty foods, take vitamin C supplements, reduce caffeine intake, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest. Regular cleansing with a natural colon cleanser is highly recommended as it will help to ensure that the digestive system is kept free from toxins and bacteria.

    Avoiding foods that are too acidic can also help to prevent the onset of the condition. Try to eat foods that are more complex and are higher in protein. It will aid in the digestion of your nutrition and help to keep your stomach alkaline which in turn can help your body to stay more relaxed and reduce the symptoms of your condition.

    In addition to drinking lots of water, you can also try to take a vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that can help improve the function of the immune system, which can fight with many illnesses. You can take it in supplement form or consume it right from the fruits.

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  • Conclusion

    The above tips should help to lessen the symptoms and hopefully, give you some relief from this condition. If you experience no relief after several weeks, you should see your doctor. In rare cases, your doctor might recommend surgery, but if the symptoms persist, it’s best to seek immediate medical attention.

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