What Is Feminism and its Types?

We often heard the word Feminism in the news. Moreover, nowadays, we are familiar with this terminology because of the magic called social media.

What Is Feminism?

Feminism is a mindset that supports the advancement in social, political,  and economic equality for the genders. Wholly for women by enforcing certain types of active platforms that empower women to speak up and fight for women rights and create some basic leisure such as education and employment. But in the world in which we live, mostly the term feminism is considered a curse and a threat for the opposite gender.

what is feminism
  • Impacts Of Feminism-A reflection towards today's state of women's Rights
  • Main Types Of Feminism

    There are 3 most well-known types of feminism which includes

    1. Liberal feminism
    2. Marxist feminism
    3. Cultural feminism

    1. Liberal Feminism

    Liberal feminism is one of the ranges of feminism to keep up the work status within the mainstream society. They are the participants that the school of thought that holds gender inequality is the birth from disrespect and ignorance and socialization. Similarly, they are kind of agnostic in terms of social institutions and patriarchal believing stuff. Whereas, their motto is the march of progress which represents the belief in favor of gender relations. This all concludes that they are determined to dovetail men and women Bunched together shoulder to shoulder in the race of equality. This movement of equality will go on in the future with its fullest flow.

    women rights


    Its origin span was the result of the American Revolution government institute, Social contract theory.  Mary Wollstonecraft and Abigail Adams were, along with a start to power the parity rights for women. Just as in compact liberals, they plod onward within the system, making a small amount of effort between the adjustment as far as the radical movement’s rise came out and sided the adjustment or compromises left of the midway. That’s how it worked in the days of the suffragist movement and radical feminist evolution. On the point of indication, liberal feminist up to various upholds of 

    Legitimate amend, and they aim to campaign about the issues as sex discrimination and sexual equality act of 1970, as girls are doing better and surpass boys in education. The case that the payments for men and women in the work circle are being normalized; which was one of the main insistence of liberal feminists in normalizing the work paid for women without the clashes and gender equality.

    Consequently, women now are very much self-dependent compared to the back days, and also women are the conductors of households 25% earners. [1]

    Quick Fix of Liberal Feminism to Remaining Inequality

    • This group of feminists does not demand any changes from revolutionary moments. They are the ones who want changes throughout the present structure.
    • The target goal of liberal feminists to act against gender discrimination and the pay equal moves.
    • Because of liberal feminism, the main blockade of gender equality has vanished, and now women in the majority taking part in the workforce and politics for over a century.
    • Moreover, few minor changes also came into the room, such as flexible working hours for mothers.  

    Therefore, we can easy to reflect that Liberal feminism doubtlessly brings identifiable effects for women.


    Liberal feminism point of view is that liberal feminists only do fanaticism. Furthermore, it only supports and mirrors the actions of white women.

    2. Marxist Feminism

    what is marxist feminism

    Marxist feminism is one of kind feminism that manifests the squabble about women’s salvation, and the trait of women’s oppression is linked with this capitalism. Similarly, according to Marxists, the elimination of the system of capitalism is the only single way to stop the salvation of women fully.

    The initial rendering of Marxist over in the subversive activity, Marxist feminists, was also socialists; they desired to purpose gender and sex as a noticeable group of capitalist salvation. Additionally, they disagree with the myth that being a woman is to a destined patriarchal system. Likewise, marriage is equal to a work class grind doomed to the wage. Mr. Friedrich Engels played a major part in socialist feminist; he allowed the ideas of Marxist. Hence, by displaying the intensity toward marriage which is meant to be upkeep and enlargement of property.

    Engles lights upon the enormous dimensions of concerning analysis about the material state conditions of women`s employment and lives. Marxist ideas grow into the center focus of revived interest over the feminist movements of the 1960snand American civil rights. Moreover, It is not alarming that started theories about a new antiracist and feminist to develop in this period. Also, analyses which conducting the hate and oppression related to the LGBTQ community and structural inequality.

    It is the product of the early socialist feminists’ work, professed to incorporate women beside Marxist categories analysis of class but then switches to the controversy that gender and sex – and then sexual identity and ethnicity — construct major categories of the owner’s oppression. This outbreak of theory and action for change needs to be deal with as thematically so that the collection and broadness of ideas of social feminists together with the distribution and argument between its representatives turn into clear away. Thus, the expansion of socialist feminist analyses not unpredictable to the Global North and Global South bid generate resources of activism and insight.

    Quick Fix of Marxist Feminism to Gender Inequality

    • In Marxist consideration, economics are the solutions to inequality of gender.
    • They consider the need to undertake capitalism to patriarchalism.
    • The smooth solution consists of paying women for household work and childcare
    • Along with these inserting an economic value ahead of what is still widely women`s work, abolition of capitalism and the being attendant of communism was the point that enclosed in stronger solution.
    • Moreover, fact that they are sensitive to contrast between women who belong to the category of the ruling class and proletarian families.
    • Above all, Marxist feminist is the supporter of the idea that there is noticeable breadth for co-operation among the working-class women and men that both can work in sync in a group.


    The sole criticism of Marxist feminism included that women’s oppression inward the family has already existed earlier than capitalism and communist societies.

    3. Cultural Feminism  

    what is cultural feminism

    From the kind of feminism that prioritizes fundamental characteristic differences among men and women, it stands on reproductive capacity and biological differences. Furthermore, cultural feminists credit to those contrasts extraordinary and first-rate integrity in women. Perspective is what women share and a contribution base for sisterhood, wholeness, shared identity, and consensus. Accordingly, cultural feminism also emboldens women to share the women`s culture. 

    The term `fundamental contrast` indicates the belief contrasts which are part of the significance of males and females. Which says the contrasts or differences are not elect deliberately yet the factor of man or woman nature. Moreover, the cultural feminist who has faith in differences are biological or genetics. However, they are cultural contrast, wrap up the argument as women`s fundamental qualities are so deeply rooted in the culture that they are determined.

    what is liberal feminism

    It arrived when Radical feminism died out as a movement thing. Because of that, cultural feminism got rotation. Indeed several other people who were before in radical feminism moved in cultural feminism. They drift their former movement name, and some cultural feminists still called themselves that previous movement name.

    Therefore, the framework of feminist did not list cultural feminism disconnected from radical feminism. But in contrast, the radical movement started for the transforming society, whereas cultural feminism pulls out for women`s forefront.

    Quick Fix of Cultural Feminism

    • One of the fixes of cultural feminism is that the social benefits being obtained like; rape centers were built to report the crisis.
    • And of course, many cultural feminists actively participated in social issues at the moment (as individuals, not linked with the movement purpose only).
    • They also enlist working balance values that sum up the male offensive beliefs; devalue the compassion and generosity of females.
    • Furthermore, strengthen women’s mutual values, including white, African, American, and other cultures, as in beside the differences of women’s distinctive groups.
    • Female sexuality which is based upon an impartial of power is located on mutuality instead of control, placed on nonpolarized portrayal, and declined to recreate the sexual chain of command.


    This type of feminism got under the bash of criticism for intriguing and involving capitalism. A drilling feminist acknowledge antagonistic to feminist values and contribute as biased to the feminist movement.

    what is liberal feminism


    In our society, the word feminism perhaps illustrates a frame of thought that proposes that women were under the subject of disadvantage in present-day societies. Similarly, feminists give priority to an intensity in which societies value patriarchy.  Moreover, there are various types of feminism and they all weigh on the profiteering of women. Whereas, very kind of feminism is busy battling with the oppression of females; such as in education and the workplace. Above all, whether in particular in the family or society; they are fighting against the male dominate areas for equal women’s rights.

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