ST Tropez Tanning Oil

ST Tropez tanning oil is one of our strongest and long-lasting tanning products. It’s a good product but it’s quite expensive. We’re excited to start using this tanning dry oil with a pleasant smell just like the citrus scent of this dry oil. Its formula is non-greasy, quick-drying is made of all-natural products. Therefore, it can be used on any skin type. It gives you luminous, finishing and a healthy-looking. If you’re looking for a natural-looking tan oil then go for ST Tropez face tanning oil, it keeps your skin glowing throughout the day.

This article is all about ST Tropez Self-Tanning Oil. I hope you get all your queries solutions in this st tropez tanning oil review.

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St Tropez Tanning Oil

St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil, 3.38 Fl Oz
as of 24/11/2022 2:58 AM


Water, Dihydroxyacetone, Glycerin, Dimethyl Isosorbide, PPG-15 Stearyl Ether, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, BIS-PEG-15 Methyl Ether Dimethicone, Mica, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Phenoxyethanol.

Product Details

  • Non-greasy
  • Quick Drying Formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Skin-friendly formula
  • Hydrating formula with even fade
  • Luminous Finishing Look
  • Naturally fragranced oil for no-self tan smell.
  • Price: $41.43

St Tropez Tanning Oil Reviews

When it comes to applying st tropez self tanning oil, I always end up with smudges or areas that are darker. This oil formula gives you natural look without any streaking. It stays for so long as any other self-tanning oil. Moreover, it’s very easy to apply and it easily settles down into your skin and once the product dried, it gives you a golden glow color. Its color is little on the bronze side and if you found ST Tropez Tanning Oil smells unpleasant then let me tell you that it doesn’t last. The initial price is so high, but a bottle will last for a long time, so in the end, it is a great value!


  • Look and Feel: It gives you a non-greasy and golden glow finishing look. Moreover, it blends nicely, and even after so long you wouldn’t find any creases in your skin.
  • Color: Its color is bronze, which gives you a shimmery tanning effect. After some hours I had a very nice and smooth tan.
  • Smell: It smells like citrus and has a bit of an herbal smell. It doesn’t smell bad, and it doesn’t last for so long. For me, smells very relaxing and spa-like.
  • Drying Time: It dries very quickly, within 10-15 minutes. This oil is very light and thin, as it’s not a regular that feels slick. ST Tropez Tanning Oil felt smooth and velvety, which helped it dry quicker.
  • Skin Types: For all skin types.


  • Texture: Its texture is very runny and messy. You should be very careful before taking it out. Lastly, it’s also a little sticky product, after applying you will find some stickiness in your skin. But after some, it settles down.
  • Price: It is very expensive, 3.38 oz. bottle for $41.43. And it’s the most expensive self-tanner, but if you’ve money to invest, then you won’t be disappointed after buying this tanning oil.


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How To Use This ST Tropez Face Tanning Oil?

Do you want to achieve best and effective st tropez tanning oil face results? Follow the below steps to get more effective results of ST Tropez Face Tanning Oil:

Step 1: Before applying, shake the product bottle well.

Step 2: Use your hands, and just pour a little amount at a time.

Step 3: Gently blends it onto your face.

Step 4: Wait until it completely dries.

Step 5: Let it settles down into your skin before getting dressed.

Step 6: Allow four to eight hours before getting wet.

How Long Does It Last?

It lasts for 5-6 days, which is quite long as compared to other tanning oil products. And when it fades it doesn’t look uneven or gives you an orange-looking tone to your skin. If you want to maintain the medium tanning to your skin then you’ve to apply this ST Tropez Face Tanning Oil 1-2 times a week.

Is It Ok For Men?

No, as it is a shimmery product. The shimmery look makes this seem more like a women’s product to me.

Why You Should Pick It?

You should pick it because it gives you a non-greasy look and it stays long as compared to the other face tanning product.


If you want to buy the best tanning oil, then go for ST Tropez Tanning Oil which gives you a shimmery glossy finishing look to your skin and as it is a long-lasting product that lasts 5-6 days. And also it gives your skin a bronzer kind of look and easily settles down into your skin. This guide is all about ST Tropez self-tanning oil. I hope you found it useful. Thanks.

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