Natural Remedies For Dry Hands: Causes and Prevention


Our hands can become dry and rough during winters and harsh weather. It can also be an outcome of excessive washing because soaps are for cleaning hands from bacteria and germs but they also take away the natural oil and wax that is present on the surface of our hands. The upper layer of our hands is covered with natural moisture and it is very important to take good care of that. By using the natural remedies for dry hands, keeping our body hydrated, following the proper hand care routine and keeping our skin moisturized can help in reducing dry hands causes. Wearing gloves after applying moisturizer can help in locking the moisture into the skin for a long time and is very effective. 

Since it is COVID time, so we are advised clinically to wash our hands every while with soap for at least 20 seconds. We do not care for moisturizing our hands after washing them. And forget the fact that germs and bacteria attack dry skin more easily as it is very hard for them to stick there. No matter what the weather is, dry hands always need to be moisturized and hydrated. Similarly, regular skin care and hydration are essential to prevent hands dermatitis because of frequent hand washing [1].

It is better for good health as well as for keeping them soft,  smooth, and beautiful. Dry hands are irritating to your own self and repulsive for others as they do not get unnoticed and mostly make the impression at first sight. We use our hands for eating, cooking, communicating, reaching out to people and to our own skin. So, they should be clean, safe, soft, and appealing using skin care routine. Smooth and charming hands actually reflect the healthy lifestyle of a person. Whereas, dry and rough hands represent an unhealthy diet and lack of care. We will consider some causes of dry hands below.

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    Causes of Dry Hands

    There can be numerous causes of dry hands. The causes of dry hands lead you to find the respective natural remedies. Hands get dry mostly due to the environmental conditions and dry weather. It can be winters, autumns, and even summers because the increasing exposure to sun rays and dehydration causes dry hands.  

    Our body needs 70 percent of water in it. The deficiency of water causes dryness and many other problems. Some professions command the steady involvement of hands with chemicals,  water, and over-washing or sanitizing of hands. This also results in the dryness of the hands. Due to  COVID-19, it is recommended for all to wash and sanitize our hands properly and repeatedly. It can be the reason for dry hands.  

    One of the most prominent signs of Vitamin D deficiency is witnessing severe dryness of the skin. Vitamin D fulfills many requirements in our body so we must include it in our diet. We can also find its intake from the morning sunlight. It can also be found in red meat, egg yolks, fatty fish, fortified foods like breakfast cereals, orange juice, oatmeal, 

    soy milk, cow milk, and mushrooms. Otherwise, its deficiency will lead to many diseases and skin problems such as dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.  

    Dryness is also caused by autoimmune disorders like diabetes, hormonal changes such as menopause hypothyroidism, imperfect blood circulation, etc. The change in hormone estrogen level can lead to dryness, flushed, and itchy skin. So taking a proper diet and doing physical exercises for the regulation of blood is also important. 

    Stress and anxiety have very adverse effects on one’s skin. They cause negative influences on our immune systems, heart, and neurotics. It leaves skin irritated, dry and flaky and also results in acne breakouts and scars. Anxiety causes the lack of blood flow and dryness thus takes place. It leads to rashes and several infections.  

    Dry skin is a skin type and is inherited so the genes can also be the causes of dry skin because they do not produce enough sebum. This can be cured by maintaining outside factors, such as executing a healthy diet, skin care routine, and exercises.  

    Lack of sleep also plays a part in growing dryness on the skin. It will be visibly seen on your skin if you do not sleep well. And using smart gadgets excessively will also keep you from sleeping on time. Most people feel sleepy but when they check out their hones, they do not feel sleepy anymore. Our brains need rest but the smart gadgets trick your brain and snatch your sleep away. Most people wake up at night and check their phones. As they get busy with their phones, they cannot sleep again and end up getting their skin dry and wrinkled. 

    Hot baths or washing hands , skin care routine with hot water destroy the epidermis, the uppermost layer of hands. Aggressive scrubbing and exfoliation also result in dryness and skin rashes. Using harsh products and soaps does not discriminate in germs and natural moisture of your hands and wash them all. Most people love to use scented soaps, however, this will result in harshness.  Long baths affect your hands more adversely because it is our hands that get engaged throughout with soaps or body washes.  

    Symptoms of Dry Hands

    Getting the hands dry is normal during the change of weather and also due to overwashing. It will show several symptoms like you will feel roughness on the surface of your hands. Sometimes you can also see some white minute particles due to washing them by harsh drying soaps. Similarly, Different symptoms refer to different causes like weather, age, health, working conditions, etc.

    Skin gets tightened and easy to get scratched. The deep cracks also occur due to dryness and cause bleeding. It is because the dry hands shrink and get tightened, resulting in the cracks appearing. Dryness of hands is also shown by itching and redness. Hands can become gray, white, or red. These symptoms are not very severe and can be healed by some dry hands care natural remedies. However, if these symptoms of dry hands turn into severe conditions and cannot be cured by natural home remedies and a basic skin care routine, then you must consult a doctor. The problematic skin conditions include open sores, infections, wounds, large areas of peeling, and scaling.

    Dryness is signified by irritation and itching at night. You keep scratching and getting disturbance in your sleep due to this. The itchiness during is increased due to the natural cycle of certain hormones. The excessive dry skin causes a constant itch that keeps you distracted throughout work and during sleep as well. This is very irritating and also harmful for the skin because constant scratching causes redness and swelling. Excessively dry skin has broken in its outer layer. This allows germs to get inside, which can lead to a skin infection.  

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  • Natural Remedies for Dry Hands 

    natural remedies for dry hands

    Sara Hogan, MD, a dermatologist at UCLA Health – Santa Monica Medical Center has suggested some symptoms and their treatments. She points out that washing hands with harsh soaps can remove the outermost layer of our skin called the epidermis. And with that layer, we also lose the natural moisture and wax that is present on the surface of the skin. It is important to have skin care for hands and for that moisturize our hands after every hand washes with a hand cream or ointment. Try to apply a mild soap, that does not contain harmful and harsh ingredients like alcohol. Washing your hands with scented soaps also causes dry hands as they contain too many substances.

    Try to choose a fragrance-free soap for cleansing purposes and then apply a good moisturizer or hand cream.  Use it in a small amount. Do not overuse the soap. Do not make thick leather or foams with it. Similarly, do not either use a harsh sanitizer or too hot water because it will damage the skin more severely.

    Moreover, try to use mild sanitizers as well as lukewarm water. Always keep a handy moisturizer within your handbags or pockets. And take them wherever you go like school, colleges,  universities, workplaces, gyms, trips, etc. lotions can get dry after a while, so it is not ideal for extremely dry skin. Hand creams containing petroleum jelly and ointments are better for them. You can cure dry hands with many natural remedies and skin care for hands. For this, honey has no other competition.


    “The best prevention is to begin using a moisturizer before your hands show signs of dryness,”  Marmur says. 

    We cannot argue this point any further because the best prevention always shows results when you take care before the problem. To avoid dryness and other emerging problems from it, the best way is to keep the moisture intact. Moisturizing after washing and locks the moisture by covering your hands with cotton gloves. The other precautions that one can take include avoiding harsh soaps and long baths.

    Avoid using hot water and products that contain alcohol or too many ingredients. Also, avoid using fragrance-free soaps and sanitizers. Always choose the right moisturizer for your skin and the weather conditions in which you live. Must observe that either the moisturizers have a long-lasting effect or not. Use such hand creams and ointments that are really effective in preventing the skin from dryness for a long time. Make a  routine of skin care for hands applying moisturizers during sleep or overnight.

    In cold weather, you can wear gloves to prevent the escape of moisture from your hands. It also helps for better absorption of moisturizers into the skin. Using gloves is a healthy activity as it prevents hands from many skin problems and dryness. You can wear rubber gloves during laundry, doing dishes, other works in which you have to soak your hands repeatedly and constantly. Take proper sleep and shorten the time of your bath. Avoid excessive air conditioning as it will make your skin dried out and dehydrated and will take away the moisture. Increase the intake of healthy nutrients and vitamin D in your diet.

    Keep your body and skin hydrated from the inside out. Try to relax your mind as well. Stress is the root cause of many problems. It negatively affects one’s skin as well.  Do not scratch wildly when you feel itchiness. Rub it gently and moisturize that area well so that you cannot harm the skin. Be gentle while shaving or cleansing. Wear clothes that do not rub over the body harshly. Mostly some sleeves are hard and tight and cause the skin to suffer. Do some exercises to keep the blood flow regular and all reaching. Limit the use of smart gadgets unnecessarily.

    We have just a habit of using them, nowadays to avoid the real world. And sadly,  it is not providing us much good. It has many adverse effects on our skin. A monthly manicure and pedicure give you a deep relaxation through massage. It also nourishes the skin and activates blood circulation. It will soothe your hands and cleanse them thoroughly. So it is a must thing to do dry hands care and will not harm you if you do it once a month. But make sure to moisturize your hands every then and now.


    Try to cover your hands from sunlight and harsh weather as much as possible. If not, then you must apply sunscreens to protect them. Covering your skin is very important for the prevention of dry hands. Cover them if it is windy or heated around. Try to cover them when you sit near heaters and avoid contacting with uncovered hands. They cause dehydration, lack of moisture, and burns the skin.

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