All You Need to Know About Eyebrows Microblading | What Is Microblading and Is It Safe?

The best way to make your eyebrows look fuller is by getting microblading. It is a modern method of permanent makeup. Moreover, it’s a simple, painless process that creates a beautiful look that will last a lifetime. It has become a popular semi-permanent brow treatment for those with thin eyebrows who want the same look like celebrities, including Kim Kardashian. This great product is for anyone who wants to enhance their natural beauty. All the most important things you need to know before jumping into this trend are discussed here.

Microblading is an effective way to define your eyebrows to make them look more professionally done. It takes some practice to get it right, but it is worth it in the end. It fills in thin eyebrow areas to make them look fuller. Unlike permanent tattoos, microblading may fade away within a few years, although it is unlikely that any color will wash off. It is because microblading uses different tools and a smaller amount of pigment than traditional cosmetic tattooing.

Let’s learn about it in detail.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a type of restorative inking that fills in your slim eyebrows to make them look full. An esthetician utilizes a microblade device to apply shading colors that resemble natural hair. The shading impact will blur after some time, so final details might be essential to keep up with the perfect look.

It’s a cosmetic makeup tool similar to a makeup brush, but it uniquely applies pigment. A lot of people believe that makeup can last all day without fading. However, it’s essential to regularly reapply if you’re outdoors or involved in other activities that may wear down the appearance of your makeup.

What is the Procedure of Microblading?

Microblading, unlike tattooing, is not in the deep layer of skin but more on the surface. Therefore, it is also not permanent, and the color fade within 18 months. Moreover, microblading is done by hand, allowing the technician to wield more control and create a semi-permanent, natural-looking result.

There are several steps involved in this procedure, and the initial step takes about an hour, but the eyebrows look darker immediately afterward. It is because colors fade a little after a couple of weeks. If the colors start to appear to be washed out, they might require a touch-up. Taking your overplucked eyebrows from thin to full and thick can be a slow and frustrating process.

Most reputable eyebrow microblading places will apply a numbing cream before they get to work scratching pigment into your skin. It will apply for at least thirty minutes to minimize pain. That said, the pain itself isn’t that bad.

Then a technician makes fine cuts with a unique tool with tiny needles in the end and fills them with color. The color usually lasts about a year. The procedure is generally considered safe, and most people don’t have problems. Although, microblading causes infection, allergic reaction, keloids in some cases. 

How Long Will My Microblading Eyebrows Last Before They Fade?

Many people assume that microblading is technically a tattoo that will last forever. But, even the best microblading is only expected to last between one to three years, though most stay for around two. Touch-ups can be necessary after every six months or every year, depending upon your skin type and preferred look. For example, the results might not last as long as they would on other skin types if you have oily skin.

The tattoo will gradually fade during this period because the pigment can lighten or fade during the healing time and the second round of microblading seals the deal. Here, you can add the final stroke to give you the perfect brows.

How Much Are Micro-Blading Eyebrows?

When it comes to microblading costs, there will be considerable variations between candidates. Nowadays, almost every reputable beauty salon offers microblading. That says a lot about the popularity of the procedure. Everyone must take care of their eyebrows as it is an essential part of the beauty routine. This brow obsession has affected the price of microblading. Generally, you can expect a microblading session to cost around $400 to $600. It seems like the more you pay, the better results you will get. The procedure results in beautiful and very natural eyebrows customized to your preference.

What Are the Negatives of Microblading? 

It can be not easy when considering changing your brows. But, being such a prominent facial feature, it’s a natural consideration after all! Brows always have a sore spot in everyone’s beauty routine. Microblading helps you to spend less time getting ready in the morning. They frame your face throughout the time. In addition, they are more affordable than ever. However, it has a lot of pros as well as cons that will be discussed here. 


Microblading involves using tiny needles to fix the pigment on the eyebrows. If used on various people without sterilization, it may cause infection. 


There is the use of pigment in the process of microblading. So, you must make sure that your body might not be allergic to the dye. Otherwise, it will harm you. 

Take A Longer Time for Healing

Usually, it takes up to one month to heal up fully. If you are a busy person, this might inconvenience you in many ways. 

Eyebrow Microblading Healing

Microblading is changing people’s lives, creating comfort, creating trust, and allowing people to sleep longer in the morning. But no one talks about the downside of microblading; the healing process. It’s a whole week of healing, and it’s not pretty. However, how fast your skin heals will differ slightly for each person. It depends upon many factors, including age, overall health, skin type. If you are in good health, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily and quickly your eyebrows heal. Generally, the healing process takes 25 to 30 days, and it starts right after your procedure. 

There are stages in the healing process of microblading that may make many people wonder if eyebrow microblading is a mistake. To reduce drama, the microblading treatment process is described below:

Day 1 to 3

On the first day, your eyebrows will look very bold and full, through your face may feel cut and tender. Also, the color may look extremely dark, but keep in mind that it will eventually fade. After that, your eyebrows will be swollen, and there will be redness around them. The area around your eyebrows is susceptible and prone to infection, so you have to be careful! Abstain from getting your brows, makeup, and sleeping on your face.

Day 3 to 5

In this period, your brows look good, and you will be satisfied. As the pain and tenderness go away, your brows will darken and thicker. They will still be too dark, but slowly, they will fade. On day 5, things began to change. It can be a turning point in the healing process when your brows are getting itchy. Please make sure not to scratch them, as the wound may still be open. It is normal and indicates that your skin is healing.

Day 5 to 8

The flaking starts, and the scabs emerge. You can expect more scabbing, flaking, and peeling. You might think that your skin rejects the pigment, but this is usually not the case. Your brows are still recovering, and now they are light and patchy. If you are unhappy with your brows, you can wear makeup. But only if the scabbing is over so as not to cause infection. Otherwise, relax and wait for the color to come back. 

Day 8 to 12

After the first week, the flaking will gradually stop. Your eyebrow color will also return. Many times, the microblading strokes disappear when the skin flakes off. There is still a thick protective skin layer, creating a veil over the pigment. 

Day 12 to 21

The most challenging period depends on you, and your microblading recovery is almost over. Your microblading are taking their final steps. They might look patchy initially, but some microblade strokes will reappear. However, it is not the end of the healing process, and you must be patient just a little longer. The color of your eyebrow should look more natural and genuine. The individual brow hairs will be creating the appearance of feathery eyebrows. Now, it’s time to schedule your touch-up. The touch-up will correct all the imperfections. 

Day 21 to 30

The microblading process is finally over! After 1 month, your skin will be completely healed. You will not feel any pain and discomfort. Eyebrows also look soft, pretty, and whole. Some brows heal faster, and some take more time. It depends on age, skin type, health. In another month or two, you will likely have a touch-up appointment. It is when you can quickly tell if there is anything you want to change. It is your opportunity to make sure you are 100% in love with your beautiful new eyebrows. 

Microblading Eyebrows Aftercare

Microblading aftercare is genuinely arduous and lengthy, and the accomplishment of the treatment relies upon it. Aftercare derives cleaning your brows, safeguarding them from contamination, and managing the skin close by in a way portrayed by your skilled worker. The specialist has done his part. Now, it’s your turn.

There are two ways to treat your eyebrows after microblading

Dry healing

There are two versions of dry healing

  1. Wash your eyebrows carefully, and then dry them.
  2. Do not wash or use any ointment. Instead, stay away from water and wait for your arch to heal naturally.

Wet healing

The wet healing process consists of several steps

  1. Wash eyebrows gently with sterile water.
  2. Gently dry by soaking it in a clean towel.
  3. Apply a thin layer of ointment for aftercare

Here we have covered some basic rules for advanced microblading care.

  • Wash your face gently around the treated area. Dry with a clean towel. Don’t rub your eyebrows.
  • Use only prescribed products described by your beautician. For example, do not use skin care products as they can attack the pigment.
  • Let the crust fall off naturally.
  • Keep your hair away from the brow line.
  • Apply a healing cream or balm.

Things To Avoid

You must avoid the following things to take care of your eyebrows properly.

  • Don’t wear makeup.
  • Don’t itch the eyebrow area.
  • Avoid sweating
  • Practicing sport
  • Hot sauna, hot bath.
  • Avoid driving in open-air vehicles 
  • Avoid touching the eyebrow area
  • Don’t sleep on your face or use a clean pillowcase, ideally a silk one.
  • Avoid activities that cause sweating.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, so your brows will last anywhere from 1 to 3 years.

How Is Microblading Done?

Each new hair stock is meant to simulate the person’s natural eyebrow hair and seamlessly blend it with existing brows to add color and fullness, resulting in a very natural look.

Does Microblading Hurt?

The procedure can take upward of 2 hours, and most people report only minor pressure or discomfort and less pain than a typical tattoo due to using numbing cream. Numbing cream will apply for at least 30 minutes to minimize pain.

Are There Different Techniques and Approaches to Microblading?

Yes, there are more than a few different approaches to microblading, like 1D eyebrows, 3D eyebrows. 

Is Microblading Good or Bad?

Microblading is a relatively new beauty concept, so it can be hard to know what’s normal and what’s not. The truth is microblading is safe when done by licensed and trained.

Therefore, Microblading is a treatment where a technician tattoos eyebrow onto your face Using a small tool with nine tiny blades. It takes two visits, and the promise is that you will wake up with perfect eyebrows every morning for 1 to 3 years. It doesn’t seem that the microblading brow procedure has any lasting effect on your natural hair growth.This is a semi-permanent tattoo on your face, and it’s worthwhile to spend a bit extra money to have it done right.

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