What is Domestic Violence And Its Types?

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is not only about physical attacks. It can also be about emotional, verbal, and even sexual abuse. Violence occurs when a person or family resides together with inappropriate communication or understanding. It can happen between people from two different ethnicities, religions, or social statuses. Domestic violence has an often association with married couples and between parents. It can also occur between two or more people in the same household.

Domestic violence has many types. Below are the main types of domestic violence are.

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  • Types of Violence

    Domestic violence has two main types.

    1. Physical Abuse
    2. Verbal Abuse

    Physical Abuse

    Mostly physical abuse happens when there is a history of abuse between two or more people. Physical abuse can also be imposed on a person who refuses to leave home. Domestic violence also includes stalking, giving false information, stalking, molestation, child sexual abuse, battery, threatening, and murder.

    Verbal Abuse

    Verbal abuse is the most common abuse that many victims of domestic violence faced. In this situation, the victims are being mentally tortured. Moreover, it is either by taunts, aggressive behavior, sarcastic remarks, and many more. It is equally harmful as physical. Many depressed victims of verbal abuse have ended up doing suicide. The victim needs to take action right away so that the abuser can be arrested and prosecuted.

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  • Reporting is Necessary

    Domestic violence can result in many problems, including psychological, medical, and legal aspects. Hence, it is important for victims of domestic violence to report. Ultimately, those who participate in these crimes will be convicted. Most cases of domestic violence involve one partner making a living by using violence against the other. Besides, when children are involved in the case, it is difficult to prosecute since children will become witnesses. If a victim is a man, he will be accused of beating his wife or girlfriend. Sometimes, children of the victims also accused of domestic violence. Sometimes the entire family can implicate in the crime as well.


    The purpose of this article is to aware people of violence and types. Through this one can get aware of types of domestic violence and when something happens they will raise their voice against unusual things.