What are the main Causes of Dandruff?

Dandruff is a threat leading to anxiety (itching) and diseases. What are the main Causes of Dandruff It is a condition related to the scalp, in which the dry skin of the scalp scratch off in the form of Flakes (small flat pieces). This can cause an itchy and irritating scalp. Mild dandruff is harmless and has no severe effect on human health. Dandruff affects almost everyone, around 50% of the whole population has been affected by this condition permanently.

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    Causes of Dandruff:

    The ultimate causes that drag us to cause The Threat. What are the main Causes of Dandruff

    • a) Dry skin.
    • b) Dry and cold weather.
    • c) Stress.
    • d) Harsh chemicals containing products.
    • e) A yeast-like fungus (Malassezia), a skin microorganism present on many adults’ scalps.
    • f) Seborrheic dermatitis (a condition of itching and redness of the skin)
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  • Home-based tips to avoid dandruff:

    Natural tactics and homemade remedies are the best to get rid of any health-related issues. So, there are no ways left that we got exempted with dandruff and below they are provided,

    1) Healthy Diet: “Proper diet leads to proper life.” Diet is the main factor of being healthy and beautiful. Eating healthy can naturally defend our bodies against any issue. As dry skin is one of the causes of dandruff, food contains fatty acids that can help across. The fungal allergy is another reason for dandruff; eating fewer carbs, and sugar can prevent fungus and bacteria growth as they would not get enough feeding. According to Dr. Macrene,” High carb foods can result in the buildup of glycogen (leading food and energy source) in the skin which yeast feeds on.”

    2) Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is the most common remedy for dandruff. It acts as an anti-microbial (acts against microorganisms) and anti-fungal (fight against the growth of fungus) agent. Tea tree oil reduces the itchiness and irritation of the scalp and provides moisture. Applying tea tree oil directly can irritate, so it is better to use it by mixing it with other oils or shampoo.

    3) Aloe Vera gel: A green plant is know for hundreds of benefits; aloe Vera gel is essential for providing moisture and heals dead skin cells. Dandruff is due to dryness, so the best natural cure for this is using aloe vera gel on your scalp at least once a week. It also contains anti-fungal properties. One can apply aloe vera gel to the scalp for an hour before the shower, and it will make hair issues resolved if done regularly.

    4) Coconut Oil: Natural oils are the best-ever remedy to your hair; for dandruff, coconut oil can reduce irritation and provides adequate nourishment to the scalp, as it contains essential fats to moisture the skin of the scalp naturally. Half or one hour before shower, massage coconut oil to the scalp and let it rest to act as a natural moisturizer for the scalp and resists dandruff if the cause is dryness.

    5) Olive Oil: Olive oil can also help reduce dandruff performing the same function of providing moisture and coverup the dryness issue. Gently massage 3 to 4 spoons of olive oil into the scalp and cover the hair for at least overnight; this rest of the hair’s oil makes the skin moist and affects dandruff. Use mild shampoo to wash the hair for better results.

    6) Vinegar: Vinegar also acts as an anti-fungal agent, as fungi are one reason for dandruff; applying vinegar to the scalp can help reduce it. As the acidic content in vinegar is high. It can also fight against dry and itchy skin. They are mixing equal amounts of vinegar and water, applying it gently to the scalp, leaving it for an hour, and taking a shower with a mild shampoo and cold water.

    7) Neem: Plants are always known for nourishment and moisten purposes. So as neem leaves are also the right treatment for dry and itchy skin of the scalp. Neem is also effective against the effects of fungus and bacteria. Neem leaves can be used by boiling some of the leaves in a significant amount of water and bathing or washing the hair with that warm water containing all the neem extract. A diluted and mild version of neem oil or neem water is preferable to protect the scalp’s skin.

    8) Lemon juice: Lemon being acidic helps in fighting against the growth of fungus and bacteria. But it is necessary and healthy to use a dilute and mild solution of lemon juice. Squeeze a little lemon in a small amount of water i-e about the ratio of 1:4, massage the scalp for a while, leave it for about five to ten minutes, and then rinse it off with mild shampoo.

    9) Curd: Curd having antibacterial properties can be useful for scalp skin. It can resist the growth of fungus and bacteria responsible for dandruff presence. Curd also contains essential fatty acids, which provide nourishment and moisten the skin of the scalp. Apply curd on the scalp for about 15 minutes, then rinse it off with mild shampoo.

    10) Baking soda: Baking soda can also be used for medical purposes. It can act as a natural disinfectant to reduce the chance of bacterial and fungal growth. It can clean the greasing texture of hair and scalp that can lead to the cause of dandruff. The standard method of using baking soda for the scalp to apply it directly to the skin, but for the better and unique texture of hair, it can be mixed with olive oil or with other oils too, massage the oil containing baking soda on the scalp and leave it for an hour, then rinse it off with mild shampoo.

    If the above-provided tips go for none, then we must consult doctors to hunt for proper medication.

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